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Attractive Outdoor Holiday Plant that Complement Your Artificial Grass


hg-holiday-plants-ag-blogOne of the many reasons landscape designers like lawn is that emerald green grass complements everything else in your yard. After all, green – in all its limitless shades – is Mother Nature’s ultimate neutral color. And, since we’re all about sustainability here in the Bay Area, artificial grass is the lawn of choice.

And speaking of shades of green, our Heavenly Greens palette of artificial grass options includes the perfect complement to whatever else you have going in the way of landscape. So you can start with artificial grass lawn and build around it, or add a bit of grassy area later, to provide the finishing touch. Either way, you can create seasonal splendor with the holiday-specific outdoor plants you love most.

There are some obvious choices – plants we automatically associate with the holidays. But other not-so-obvious options are not are not only attractive as landscape plants, they can give your home a truly unique holiday look.

Live evergreen trees

You don’t have to celebrate Christmas to appreciate the beauty of conifers – or to decorate them for any holiday. That said, choosing a live Christmas tree furthers your eco-friendly goals, because you can move the tree outdoors to celebrate the new year. Most yards aren’t large enough to accommodate a full-size conifer, but there are smaller and truly petite evergreens on the market now, ideal for smaller spaces and even containers.

One example is dwarf Alberta spruce. Its dense conical shape isn’t the best for hanging ornaments, but drape your tree in some twinkly lights and bright weather-proof ribbon and see how it glows with holiday spirit!


You invest in these beauties to adorn your home indoors during the holidays, but they don’t have to be temporary. Plant them outside when the holidays are over. You can enjoy their interesting leafy structure during the summer, and if you treat them right, your poinsettias will reward you with those gorgeous bracts next December!


Like conifers, rosemary lends itself beautifully to trimming into a perfect cone or other topiary shape. It even provides its own tiny blue flowers for ornamentation. Plus, you can eat the trimmings! Rosemary isn’t the only evergreen herb – think thyme, lavender and sage – and all of them are just thing to provide lovely outdoor decoration and add seasonal flavor to your fall and winter dishes.


Why buy cut sprigs of holly when you can grow your own?! Holly comes in many sizes, some with variegated leaves or even yellow instead of red berries. Use them as specimen plants or to create a low hedge to offset your artificial grass.

Citrus trees

Our climate is great for growing citrus – and what could be prettier than a naturally “decorated” Meyer lemon replete with bright yellow ornaments and wonderfully fragrant flowers! Citrus trees can be excellent landscape companions for your artificial grass all year round. When the holidays roll around, just stack some wrapped boxes at the base for an instant seasonal statement.

Flowers (yes, flowers!)

Sunset reminds us that, thanks to our mild climate, there are several cool-season flowers that can add color and a “vibrant mood boost” to fall and winter gardens. Just the thing to spruce up your artificial grass when it’s otherwise dreary outside – and just the thing to bring natural color to your holiday outdoor décor.

Among their suggestions – snapdragons, calendula, winter cyclamen (the tiny ones, not the grocery store type), violas and pansies. Not only are they pretty outdoors, you can cut a few of the flowers (along with some herb sprigs) and tuck them into indoor arrangements with traditional greens.

Whether you choose traditional evergreens, poinsettias and holly or decorate outside the box with fruits and flowers, there are attractive outdoor plants that can transform your holiday yard into something truly eye-catching.

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