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Professional Putting Green (PPG)

PPG is a bent grass artificial turf system that is designed for the avid golfer in mind. This product is top-dressed with approx 9 lbs of infill per square and rolled, which crimps the blade tips to create the bent grass system. This green can hold chip shots from up to 120 yards and adjustable stimp speeds of 10-13. This product is like a fine wine, it gets even better with time.


  • Yarn Type: Olive Green Slit-Film

  • Face Weight: 34 oz.

  • Pile Height: 1 1/4 in

  • Backing: Solid Urethane

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Standard Putting Green


  • Yarn Type: UV Resistant Polyethylene

  • Face Weight: 121 oz.

  • Pile Height: 9/16 in

  • Backing: Dual Layer Woven

Download our eBook: Creating the Perfect Home Putting Green 



True Roll Putting Green (LIPG)

Unlike the Professional Putting Green (PPG), LIPG is designed with the casual golfer in mind. This is a shorter pile, low infill system that’s perfect for backyard family fun and entertainment. It maintains a very “True Roll” (hence the name) over the life of the surface. Maximum stimp readings on this green will be closer to 9-10.


  • Yarn Type: Field/Olive Green Texturized Monofilament

  • Face Weight: 54 oz.

  • Pile Height: 5/8 in

  • Backing: Solid Urethane


Versa Lush (Tour Fringe)

This is a shorter pile thatched monofilament product that provides a tightly tufted surface that mimics a fringe apron and/or fairway lay. This product, seamed to the putting green surface, also creates a dreamy aesthetic.


  • Yarn Type: Field Green / Olive Green Monofilament with thatch

  • Face Weight: 48 oz.

  • Pile Height: 1in

  • Backing: MaxxFlow™

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Tee Line

Tee Line is a rugged, dense turf strong and tall enough to hold up to a 3” golf tee. It’s a durable, long-wear material that’s designed for commercial tee lines or driving mats.


  • Yarn Type: Olive Green Polypropylene

  • Face Weight: 125 oz.

  • Pile Height: 1 ⅜ in

  • Backing: Solid Urethane

Download our eBook: Creating the Perfect Home Putting Green  <http://www.heavenlygreens.com/ty--free-guide-product-comparison> 


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