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Pets love our synthetic pet grass because it looks and feels just like real grass. Heavenly Greens’ products is the perfect artificial grass for pets, in addition to superior drainage, our sand and rubber infill provides a surface that is payable and functional providing your dogs with a healthy useful surface  that enables liquids to drain right through the surface.

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Let your lawn and your dog get along. Pet grass for dogs from Heavenly Greens makes outdoor spaces beautiful and always ready for play with one of our grass lawns for pets.

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With a dedication to engineering and providing effective solutions for specific applications,  makes it possible to keep both a pet and beautiful lawn. Heavenly Greens provides synthetic lawns for pets that is clean, low maintenance, safe from pet damage, and available 365 days a year.

  • Pleasant, safe environment for pets
  • Dogs love it’s soft and like real grass
  • Urine drains right through
  • Waste won’t discolor or stain
  • Your yard is always available…
  • Muddy spots and yellow grass are gone…

Yes, our two Golden Retriever puppies put the lawn through a significant test of endurance however they quickly learned that it was futile to try to dig it up or chew on the grass. Marty and Adrienne B. Walnut Creek

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