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Artificial Turf For Commercial Recreation

Artificial Grass: Less Maintenance and More Play Time


artificial turf on playgrounds makes play saferPlaygroundsfields at parks, recreation centers, schools, child care facilities and common-use areas get a lot of abuse. Grass inevitably gets torn up, with bare patches that turn to mud. Maintenance work and expenses for water, fertilizer and labor never end, and the constant need for mowing produces unwanted noise and can interfere with play schedules. Artificial grass eliminates all of that.


Heavenly Greens artificial turf is ideal for recreation.


Our synthetic grass is extremely durable, yet non-abrasive, with a soft, natural feel. It has more cushioning than natural grass, so it’s safer to play on and meets fall-impact requirements for children. That means you can extend Heavenly Greens fake grass seamlessly from ball fields to playground flooring under swings and other structures.


We install only the best products available, and our products carry 8 to 15-year warranties, to protect your investment. Our superior infill and drainage system allows our artificial grass to drain faster and dry more quickly, increasing play time. You can be confident your facility has turf that is safer and more comfortable than natural grass. And it will look beautiful, all the time.


Why choose Heavenly Greens for your recreation needs?

  • Non-toxic and allergen-free
  • No problems with grass allergies
  • No muddy play fields
  • No mud or grass clippings tracked into buildings
  • No more chemicals spread over play areas
  • Greatly reduced risk of insect infestations
  • Save time and money

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Nutmeg Thatchartificial grass product parts

Nutmeg Lush is different than your traditional monofilament turf product because it has a secondary yarn tufted into the backing which is referred to as THATCH.  Thatched products have become very popular over the last 5 years due to the added realism and density the thatch creates, much like a natural lawn has.  This is one of the heaviest products we have which is approx. 90oz sqyd.  This is a great multipurpose landscaping product which comes with a multicolor primary blade and either a tan or olive thatch.

This product also includes our proprietary MAXXFLOW backing which is what allows the material to drain. First, it locks the blades into place creating a tuft bind which is nearly twice the industry standard, secondly, it serves as an integrated weed barrier, saving costs on extra materials and prevents weeds from penetrating the backing, and third, allows for 4-5 times the permeability through microscopic holes.  This will keep the surface dry, cleaner and longer lasting.  We offer 3 infill types with our thatch products, washed silica sand, Envirofill and Zeofill.

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