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Penalties For Not Adhering To California Water Conservation Ordinances

california droughtWhen drought conditions lead to water shortages, city and state governments may be forced to take drastic measures to protect the precious resources that remain. California has been placed in this uncomfortable position and residents are often caught in a nasty crossfire where no one wins. While most residents are complaining that the brown grass adorning their homes is unsightly, the government has placed a fine of $500 a day for residents who waste water to hydrate their lawns.

State Mandated Restrictions

The state has issued several activities that must be strictly adhered to if residents do not want to incur hefty fines and fees. A few of these day to day activities include:

  • No watering lawns

  • No washing cars

  • Larger loads of laundry

  • Shorter showers

California drought conditions have become so severe, city and state officials are requesting that residents turn the names of people who waste water in any fashion to local authorities and law enforcement agencies so fines can be issued and the unnecessary water usage stopped. Their reasoning is that serious conditions call for serious action.

Many homeowners are up in arms over the situation. Not only must they worry about conserving water at every turn, now they must constantly watch over their shoulders to see if anyone is looking when they turn on a faucet or outdoor spigot. Others face retaliation if it becomes known they are the ones who have turned people in.

Homeowners are also questioning the role of mining and industry in the situation. The California drought restrictions should also be applied to them, but many continue to use water as part of their daily operations at an alarming rate. A homeowner who wastes water in any way is subject to a fine of $500 per day, but a company is not.

The state is asking local law enforcement agencies to enforce the new state legislation and encouraging them to take immediate action.

Unhappy City Governments

Cities that take great pride in the look of their neighborhoods are not pleased with the brown lawns that now grace their streets. Glendora is just one of many that is threatening their residents with hefty fines if they do not begin to correct the current state of their lawn. They are demanding residents maintain their lawns to city standards despite legislation that prevents them from doing so.

While the fines levied by the new legislation would be similar to that of a traffic ticket, the fines and fees put in place by city governments could dramatically effect a homeowner's property taxes. The residents who are in this situation are at a loss as to where to turn. If they water their lawn, they pay one set of fines, while doing nothing incurs other fines and fees.

Solutions to the Problems

An easy solution to the lawn care problem caused by the California drought is to install artificial turf. The problem with that is many communities prohibit the use of synthetic grass in the front portion of homeowners' lawns. While artificial turf can be used in the rear portion of the yard, the front must remain as natural as possible. Take a better look at how artificial grass can help alleviate the California drought

If the community prohibits the use of synthetic grass, one option is available that most people do not consider due to the expense. Since the lawn can no longer be watered or maintained as grass, the ideal way to correct the situation would be to landscape the front lawn with plants and ground cover that require little to no water. There are several species of plants that do not need to be watered regularly and will remain somewhat green throughout the duration of a California drought. Incorporating the plants with various decorative objects and a rock garden motif, and the homeowner may be able to avoid many of the fines put in place by both sides. Learn more about drought tolerant landscaping ideas for your California yard!


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