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Pet Odor Control and Refresh Maintenance Package

Freshen Up Your Pet-Friendly Grass

We love our dogs, and of course we clean up after them. Even so, after a while, despite all your rinsing, the artificial grass in his run and the parts of your lawn where dear Fido plays (and sheds and relieves themselves) can develop a little telltale odor. This can be more noticeable in smaller yards. You can’t throw your artificial turf into the washer along with Fido’s dog bed, but you can call Heavenly Greens.

Pet Odor Control and Refresh Maintenance Package

Our Pet Odor Control and Refresh package includes:

  • Inspection
  • Debris and pet hair removal
  • Power brushing prior to odor control treatment
  • Enzyme application two coats with 15-minute waiting period, then final rinse with water
  • Infill refresh and addition as needed
  • Starting at $375 for up to 1,000 sq. ft.

It takes just a half-day or so. Your artificial grass will be clean, sanitized, and back in action for paws and people alike.

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