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Sinking/Leveling Repair Maintenance Package

Smooth Those Unsightly Sunken Spots

Some soils are naturally prone to erosion, but years of fluctuating moisture patterns from extreme drought to torrential rains can cause sub-surface erosion and compaction almost anywhere. So can wildfires, burrowing rodents, and even the growing roots of nearby trees and shrubs. As the soil settles, it leaves sunken areas in your artificial grass lawn. That detracts from the visual beauty of your landscaping and can pose tripping hazards.

Saratoga T70 install 2

Our Sinking/Leveling package includes:

  • Pull back of affected area (may require cutting and seaming)
  • Dig down to identify the cause of the problem
  • Add and compact base rock, then re-install turf
  • Refresh infill and replenish as needed
  • Power brushing
  • Starting at $475 (large areas or extensive sinking or settling require a site visit to provide a customized quote)

We can restore your lawn’s gorgeous, smooth surface by repairing the problem at the source – usually in just a half-day or so.  

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