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Weed Treatment and Removal Maintenance Package

Just Say No to Pesky Weeds

One reason you love your artificial grass lawn is that you aren’t constantly battling dandelions and a parade of other weeds. There’s no soil or residual dampness to attract and support these plant pests. Even so, sometimes seeds are able to germinate within the infill or weeds find their way up from beneath the turf. We see this more often in forested areas, but it can happen anywhere. Fight back!  

Weed treatment

Our Weed Treatment and Removal package includes:

  • Peel back affected area to ensure there is no weed growth below the turf
  • Pull weeds from turf surface
  • Remove other debris
  • Inspect infill and replenish as needed
  • Treat with salt and vinegar solution
  • Power brushing
  • $385, covers up to 1,000 sq. ft.

You want those weeds gone. And they will be, in just a half-day or so. Even better, our preventive treatment will deter future weed growth. Your lawn is back to beautiful – uniform and inviting as the day you installed it.   

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