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Premium Turf Tune-Up Maintenance Package

Regular upkeep and preventive maintenance are the best ways to get the greatest return from your artificial grass investment. Our Supreme Turf Tune-Up goes deeper than your at-home efforts and adds a professional finishing touch that will help extend the life of your lawn and keep it looking as perfect as the day you installed it. This package includes all the services that come with our Basic Turf Tune-Up, plus additional minor repairs if needed.


Artificial_Turf_MaintenanceOur Premium Turf Tune-Up includes:

  • Inspection of edging, turf, and infill
  • Debris removal
  • Minor repairs to edging
  • Minor bender board repair
  • Minor sinking repair (along edges)
  • Refresh infill
  • Perimeter weed treatment
  • Pet Refresh as needed
  • Power brushing and leaf blow
  • $475, covers up to 1,000 sq. ft.

Nothing says luscious landscaping like artificial grass. With a visit from our Heavenly Greens team a couple of times a year, your lawn will always look inviting and meet your highest performance expectations for years to come.


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