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4 Frustrating Drainage Problems Solved By Artificial Grass in San Jose

Drainage problems are one of the most common reasons people decide to install artificial grass in San Jose. Real grass needs a lot of water, but too much can ruin it, and inefficient drainage can make the problem worse. It's not just about puddles and muddy spots. Poor drainage can also kill turf and cause other issues like fungus growth.

Artificial grass is immune to drainage problems. It doesn't have any roots and fibers that absorb moisture. Even if it's been wet for a long time, it won't catch turf diseases or die. That means these drainage issues have no impact on it.

Lawn Bubbles

Lawn bubbles form when water collects at the bottom of the lawn because it can't drain properly. This can cause patches of dead grass that have pockets of water underneath. You can pop the bubble with a shovel, but that won't keep the problem from repeating the next time it rains.

A drainage system will prevent lawn bubbles by letting excess water drain away from your lawn and into the ground. Artificial turf in San Jose can provide this. Besides a permeable backing and a drainage-boosting infill, it also sits on top of a great drainage system.

Water Traps

In a natural grass lawn, water can collect in the bottom of a low spot, where it will sit and stagnate. This is called a "water trap." These spots are often surrounded by plants or grass, which can drown if they don't have enough drainage.

Fake grass keeps water where you want it: away from the surface and straight to its underground drainage system. So you don't have to worry about puddles in the low spots of your front yard.

Drowned Turf and Plants

Have you ever noticed that when natural grass gets wet, it can stay moist for days? Not only does this make your yard look bad, but it can also kill the turf and the plants around it.But when you install artificial grass, these problems are gone for good! Artificial grass in San Jose doesn't hold onto water like natural turf. So your synthetic turf lawn will dry quickly after it rains.

Soggy Spots

Several things can cause soggy areas in your yard. But they all boil down to one thing: water sits on top of compacted dirt or clay instead of being absorbed into it. This means that when it rains, the water will pool there instead of draining away, creating a soggy area that's prone to mold and mildew growth.

Artificial grass is great for this because it uses high-quality infill. This consists of tiny granules that are woven into the blades of grass. The infill absorbs water and ensures efficient drainage.

Say Goodbye to Drainage Issues With Artificial Turf for Residential Lawns in San Jose

If you've decided to install artificial grass to ensure great drainage in your lawn, we're here to help. Here at Heavenly Greens, we offer water-resistant synthetic turf products for all your landscaping needs. You can count on our team to transform your yard in no time.

Get in touch with us today! Call us a 1844-287-5876 or fill out our contact form to get a free quote on your project in San Jose, CA!

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