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Artificial Turf Infill Options: Learn About Envirofill


Art-Turf-Infill-Envirofill.jpgThe type of infill you choose when you have your artificial turf installed can make a big difference. If you have children and pets, the wrong infill will not last very long. EnviroFill is one of the best infill products on the market, especially when it comes to preventing the transfer of germs and the reduction of its impact on the environment. EnviroFill has an entire list of benefits that make it one of the wisest choices when it comes to completing your artificial turf.


Low Heat

Envirofill does not hold heat and is resistant to cold temperatures. Other types of artificial turf like silica sand mixtures and crumb rubber tend to hold heat and can raise the surface temperature of a lawn dramatically. Envirofill will remain cool to the touch, no matter what the season and do not require any type of rinsing, raking or brushing to maintain a moderate temperature.


Low Maintenance

Artificial turf is extremely low maintenance. EnviroFill also requires minimal maintenance. No rinsing or irrigation is needed. It does not produce dust that can cause allergies and is also CA Prop. 65 exempt. Above all, EnviroFill is pet-friendly and resistant to all types of damage. From scratching and digging to the residue of pet waste, whatever your pets can dish out, EnviroFill can handle it. It's extremely easy to install and will not become compacted over time. It won't cling to fabric or get carried along with the fur of your pet.


Protection From Germs

EnviroFill contains Microban technology. Microban is a leading microbial agent that prevents mold and bacteria from growing in any environment. If you have children or pets, you know the risk of bacteria can increase exponentially. While children can leave a trail of bacteria a mile wide, the problem most people face in terms of their lawn is pet odor. With Microban, the bacteria that accompanies pet waste is broken down and eliminated, preventing nasty odors and stains.


Environmentally Friendly

The key to a great lawn is its ability to produce little or no impact on the environment. EnviroFill does not leach any type of contaminants or harmful toxins into the environment. It does not absorb water. Instead, it allows it to run off easily without pooling or collecting. Some infills may have characteristics that make them slightly flammable. EnviroFill, however, is non-flammable and guaranteed to withstand high temperatures. In fact, its unique design allows it to reduce surface temperatures.


Lifetime Guarantee

Because of the materials used in its construction, EnviroFill is guaranteed for the life of your turf. It is reusable, which means that even if you get rid of your artificial turf, you can keep the EnviroFill and use it for other purposes. EnviroFill granules are coated with acrylic allowing them to maintain their fresh appearance for several years. It does not respond to changes in the climate and will maintain a constant temperature. Most artificial turf infills wear away, are carried away or become compacted to the point where they no longer provide the cushion and support they were designed to provide.


The infill's unique design and composition, make it an excellent infill for playgrounds, backyards, putting greens, dog runs and any other type of recreational area. Its ability to resist bacteria makes it the perfect choice for homeowners who have both pets and children. Controlling bacteria and odor are essential, especially if you spend any amount of time in the area. Its acrylic coating gives EnviroFill an advantage over other artificial turf infills. Unlike other types of infill, water and other fluids can't infiltrate inside and hold odors. The acrylic coating allows water to pass by it without damaging or making any type of impact on it. The coating is also one of the reasons that the infill will not become compacted. Instead, it helps the infill remain in a constant state, providing both cushion and support allowing the artificial turf to look and feel more natural throughout its entire lifetime. Choosing EnviroFill offers homeowners a chance to have a lawn that is truly maintenance free.

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