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Dog Poop Kills Lawns: Stop It with Artificial Grass for Dogs in San Jose

Your dogs spend time in your yard for one of two reasons: to have fun or use it as their bathroom. Both can ruin turf, but the latter is worse because it can turn the place into a smelly, unsightly health hazard. But don't lose hope of having a gorgeous lawn yet. You can have it and ensure dog waste can't kill it by installing artificial grass for dogs in San Jose.

Why Dog Poop Kills Natural Grass

Feces has a lot of nitrogen, especially if the dog that pooped it out has a high protein diet. The process of breaking down protein creates nitrogen, which the dog releases in its poop and urine.

Too much nitrogen can burn natural grass. And the longer dog droppings sit on the ground, the more nitrogen they'll release into the turf and soil.

Stages of Dog Poop Damage on Natural Lawns

Over time, the favorite bathroom spots of your dogs might show signs of poop damage.

First, the poop turns the turf tall and dark green. This means that the feces has started to break down and the grass is absorbing nitrogen from it.

After that, the poop leaves yellow spots. This means that the excess nitrogen is starting to burn the grass. You'll want to reseed these brown patches if you want to see them with lush, healthy grass again.

Finally, brown patches or dead grass are left in the potty area. You'll have to reseed these spots if you want to see lush, healthy grass on them again.

Why Is It Hard to Remove Dog Poop From Lawns?

It's hard to remove dog poop from lawns because it clings to grass. Even if you pick up the poop, it can leave behind residue that can be a problem for your lawn.

You can't just rinse off the traces because you'll turn the grass soggy and the ground muddy. The excess water can also spread the poop traces. The water runoff is not only smelly but also likely infested with germs and bacteria.

How Does Artificial Grass Make Poop Clean Ups Easier?

Artificial grass for dogs in San Jose makes poop cleanup a breeze because it's synthetic. That means that when you rinse and wash the turf, it won't turn soggy or muddy.

There's also no risk of you drowning pet turf because it's not alive. Plus, smelly or muddy puddles won't form while you clean up the turf. All the water you use while cleaning up will just drain through the turf.

And if you want to go the extra mile, you can even ask your turf installer to add a layer of deodorizing infill to your synthetic lawn. That way, when your pets go number two, you can expect that unpleasant smells won't linger for long.

How to Clean Off Dog Poop From Artificial Lawns

Getting rid of dog poop from artificial turf for residential lawns in San Jose is a breeze. Just follow these steps:

  1. Prepare your cleanup tools.
  2. Pick up the droppings and place them in a plastic bag. Wait for wet or moist poop to dry.
  3. Discard the bagged poop properly.
  4. Rinse the potty area.
  5. Scrub off poop traces using a brush and cleaning solution.
  6. Disinfect the turf.
  7. Deodorize the turf.

Pet-Proof Your Lawn With Artificial Grass in San Jose

Want to make the most of the benefits of pet turf? We have you covered here at Heavenly Greens. We have premium artificial grass for dogs that can poop-proof your yard. Moreover, our team of experts can guarantee a fast and hassle-free installation.

Got questions? Want a fast, free quote for your installation? Complete our contact form or give us a call at 1844-287-5876. We'd be happy to help you!

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