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How Do You Clean a Backyard Putting Green?

Cleaning a backyard putting green is easy – pick up waste, brush the turf and infill regularly, rinse out dirt, and follow a regular maintenance routine. Keep reading for a detailed guide to putting green maintenance, including the tools you need for the job.

How Often Should You Clean a Backyard Putting Green?

To prevent debris, leaves, pet waste, and other contaminants from settling into the turf fibers and infill material, aim to thoroughly clean the entire putting surface at least once a month. For high traffic areas around the holes and in main walkways, more frequent quick cleanings may be necessary.

Gather the Right Cleaning Tools

No need for any special tools or cleaning agents for artificial putting green maintenance. You likely have the following in your home already! Here’s what you’ll need to clean your backyard putting green:

• Stiff bristle broom for sweeping debris (no metal bristles as these can damage the turf and its backing)

• Cleaners (e.g., diluted dish soap, baking soda, and vinegar, etc.)

• Water hose

• Leaf blower to dislodge and remove debris (optional)

How to Clean a Backyard Putting Green Step-by-Step

Once your tools are ready, follow these steps to maintain your artificial turf putting green installation:

• Use a leaf blower on low setting first to loosen and dislodge debris like leaves, dirt, and pet waste across the entire surface. Avoid blowing debris onto surrounding lawn areas. No leaf blower? Just pick up the bigger items.

• Then, gently sweep across the turf using a stiff bristle broom to gather up the loose debris into piles. Use a small dustpan or your hands to transfer it from the putting green completely.

• Use your preferred cleaner to spot treat any visible stains, mud, or spills. Let it soak in for 10 minutes before lightly scrubbing with a small bristle brush or scrub pad. Rinse clean with fresh water.

• Top up infill if necessary, as it can become dislodged or unevenly distributed over time. Gently rake and smooth out as necessary across high traffic areas.

And that’s it – your putting green is now ready to use!

Can You Pressure Wash a Backyard Putting Green?

While pressure washing may seem like an easy shortcut, it's too aggressive for most backyard putting greens and risks damaging the artificial turf fibers, backing, and infill layer over time. 

For a deeper periodic cleaning, try one of our maintenance services. Our Performance Putting Green Tune-Up package is specially designed for artificial putting greens.

Keep Your Backyard Putting Green Looking Great Year-Round

So that’s it – we hope these tips help! If you need more help, call 844-382-7684 or message our team at Heavenly Greens. We’d love to answer your questions, go over our installation and maintenance services, even help you with financing, and get your started with a free consultation.

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