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Rain, Safety, and Artificial Grass

The Bay Area sees its fair share of heavy rainfall each year. These sudden downpours can wreak havoc on your backyard, creating major issues for parents and pet owners. 

Muddy patches appear on the lawn, serving as unsanitary breeding grounds for insects. Natural grass also becomes extremely slick when wet, causing painful slips and falls. And poor drainage leads to large puddles that take days to dissipate after storms.

Installing artificial grass is the best way to keep your outdoor space clean, attractive and above all - safe for kids and pets during rainy seasons.

Superior Drainage Prevents Standing Water

High-quality artificial turf features an advanced multi-layer backing designed for quick drainage. Its permeable base has small openings allowing water to swiftly pass through the artificial blades without accumulating on the surface. 

The water then rapidly drains into the porous crushed stone base below. This prevents those unpleasant puddles that render natural grass unusable for days post-rainfall. 

If needed, we can also design a special drainage system to handle excess water. This is particularly useful if you live in a flood-prone area.

Non-Slip Surface Stays Safe When Wet

Natural grass grows extremely slick when wet, but artificial turf retains its non-slip texture even when soaked. The blades are constructed from soft polyethylene or nylon plastics with curved edges to provide stable traction for shoes and paws. This flexible material reduces the risk of painful slips and falls during or after storms.

The permeable backing also further prevents surface water accumulation, ensuring your artificial lawn stays slip-resistant no matter the weather. Kids can keep playing outside safely after heavy rains without you worrying about injuries from falls.

Withstands Rain Damage Without Displacement

It’s common for natural grass to become damaged post-storms, requiring reseeding or resodding to fix bare spots. But artificial turf is highly durable and retains its flawless appearance despite harsh weather. The sturdy polyethylene or nylon grass blades are also UV-stabilized to prevent fading, continuing to look vibrantly green for over a decade.

In addition, the artificial blades are woven tightly into the backing so raindrops don’t displace or uproot them. Any debris accumulation is easily removed with quick sweeping. Not even Bay Area downpours can leave sections of your artificial lawn thinning or balding.

Minimal Maintenance and Costs

Maintaining natural grass means using fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides. But artificial turf needs little upkeep beyond occasional light brushing or hosing off dirt. Its drainage system prevents water and chemical accumulation that breeds disease. There’s no need for regular mowing, seeding or sodding to repair rain damage each year.

Installing artificial turf saves you time, money and maintenance headaches. You’ll have year-round backyard access free of muddy messes, insects and weather-related safety issues.

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