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Top 7 Questions To Ask Your Artificial Turf Installer


Top-7-Questions-AT-Installer-Blog.jpgThe popularity of artificial turf has increased exponentially in recent years, and that means more companies have entered the marketplace to sell and install these products. But how do you know which one to choose? Start by asking lots of questions.


1. How does your artificial turf compare to other products?

How “real” does it look? What are its key performance characteristics? Can it harm my kids or pets? What kind of warranty do you offer?


2. How many choices do you offer? 

Not all artificial grass is the same. For example, the product you want for your lawn is not the same as what you would choose to create a backyard putting green or a children’s play area. Ask if the company has a showroom where you can see and feel product options up close.


3. What kind of maintenance does it require?

Artificial grass is certainly a lot less work than maintaining a natural lawn, but if someone tells you faux grass requires no care whatsoever, they are misleading you.


4. Is it dog friendly?

Your dog won’t be able to dig through top quality artificial turf, but let’s be honest. Your dog does other things outdoors, so you’re going to need fake grass that drains super-fast, so you can keep it clean with a quick pick-up and rinse. Not all synthetic turf products are designed with dogs in mind, nor are all backing/drainage systems designed for this purpose.  


5. Where can I see “living” examples of your installations?

You should be able to view finished projects – look for ones similar to yours.


6. How much does it cost? 

Every artificial turf installation is a custom project, and the total cost depends on several factors, so there is no way to accurately estimate costs without an on-site visit. Any company that offers to give you a per-square-foot price quote is trying to fool you. Either they hope to secure your business and then surprise you with the “real” price, or they will short-change you on quality.


A reputable installer will provide free on-site design and pricing consultation. And they won’t charge you for turf they estimated but did not actually use for your project.


7. Who does the installation?

The best artificial turf money can buy won’t be worth much if it’s not properly installed. It’s a complex process that requires careful workmanship – the kind that comes from training and experience. At Heavenly Greens, we can control the quality of your installation because we use our own crews to do the work.


You have questions? We have answers

If a company you’re considering cannot answer these questions – or you aren’t satisfied with their answer ­– don't go with them. Either they aren’t thoroughly trained, experienced professionals, or they aren’t proud enough of their products and services to honestly discuss them with you. These are big red flags you should never ignore. Especially when you’re making a major investment such as artificial turf.


At Heavenly Greens, we proudly address all these questions (and a lot more) right on our website. And we know you’ll probably have more questions, too, because every property is different and every project is different.


This is one reason we offer complimentary on-site consultations. We know what works, and what won’t give you the look or performance you really want. And our goal is to make sure you do get just what you want. We aren’t just some company that sells artificial turf, we’re your end-to-end partner from design through product selection through professional installation.


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