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Artificial Turf Articles

What Should I Do if My Artificial Grass is Old

Posted by Troy Scott on 27 February

You’ve loved your artificial turf lawn for years, but nothing lives forever, not even fake grass. It can last 10-15 years or more, but eventually even time can take its toll:

  • Infinitesimal fading finally becomes noticeable
  • Seams begin to fray and separate
  • Mold or smelly bacteria have built up, especially in pet-popular spots
  • Highest traffic areas look tired and don’t rebound as well with brushing
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How Much Are You Spending on Natural Grass

Posted by Troy Scott on 27 June


Natural grass lawns require regular maintenance. Along with the time you must commit to its care, you must also be prepared to pay for the tools and chemicals you will need in the process. To maintain natural grass properly, you must be able to dedicate a good portion of time and money to its care. The larger the lawn the higher its overall cost. Although there are things that can a homeowner can do to reduce the cost, it will still to continue to add up over time.

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Advantages of Artificial Turf for Every Purpose

Posted by Troy Scott on 15 May

Artificial turf, also known as synthetic grass or fake grass, has gained popularity over the years as a great alternative to grass. This synthetic turf is in use by millions of consumers and businesses every day—in diverse applications, such as playgrounds, commercial buildings, apartments, sports fields, and residential use at private homes and condos. 

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