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How Fake Lawns Have Changed Since Their Advent

Posted by Troy Scott on 30 November

Brisbane_yardIn recent years, people are switching to fake grass for economical and environmental reasons. There have been turf wars debating about the use of artificial grass, but more people are becoming open to install it for their backyard. As it was first debuted on football fields of the 1960s, critics are learning the benefits and having it as their backyard solution. Today, homeowners’ associations, schools and other organizations have realized that the lifetime savings of artificial turf are worth it. So is fake grass the lawn of the future?

Times Are Changing For Fake Lawns

Many people were not fans of fake grass when they first came out. They thought it was stiff, rough, and dangerous when it got wet, and hurt when you fell. But today’s commercial and residential artificial turf has changed throughout the years. Synthetic turf companies have discovered more advanced modifications making fake lawn a more superior product.

The Benefits Of Today’s Artificial Turf

  1. Better Drainage
  2. A Realistic Feel
  3. Less Maintenance
  4. More Durability
  5. Extra Cushion
  6. Environmentally Friendly

Athletic directors are not the only ones loving the new fake lawn updates, but so are homeowners. Say goodbye to your residential landscaping problems and the costly maintenance expenses. You can have a beautiful and realistic outdoor or indoor lawn that improves the value of your home.

These days, fake grass lawns are not the dull and flat looking products they used to be. They have been through a few rough patches but now artificial turf is a lifestyle choice that will change the future of fake grass. See how Heavenly Greens can install your fake lawn today!

Topics: synthetic turf, artificial grass, drainage, Drought Tolerant Landscaping

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