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Do You Know When To Aerate and Dethatch Your Lawn?


A house with a beautiful lawn that doesn't need aerating and dethatching.Do you regularly aerate and dethatch your lawn? These chores are key to having a beautiful, uniform lawn, yet they are often overlooked, resulting in unhappy, unhealthy grass. It’s not pretty. Many homeowners deliberately ignore the need to aerate and dethatch. And why? Because maintaining a lawn in the Bay Area can be tough enough, simply with all the ongoing mowing, feeding, and weeding.

Scratch the thatch (and the aerating). Switch to artificial grass!

So, Do You Dethatch?

Healthy green lawns require dethatching. Thatch is composed of a mixture of living and dead grass that collects at the base of your turf, where the soil meets the roots. It can form for a number of reasons, including over-watering or over-fertilizing, lack of aeration, mowing too often or too little, or using the wrong kind of fertilizer. A thin layer of thatch is healthy for your lawn. But when it accumulates to more than a half-inch thick, it blocks air, light, and water from reaching your lawn’s roots. That effectively chokes the grass.

Ideally, a lawn should be dethatched every year, or at least every other year. And it’s not cheap. You need a specialized machine such as a power rake or vertical mower to do the job – but these machines are expensive to rent or buy. Plus, the work itself is backbreaking. Most homeowners prefer to hire a professional crew. Even doing it yourself, the cost of dethatching your lawn can set you back anywhere from a couple hundred to several hundred dollars per thousand square feet, depending on the depth of the thatch.

And What about Aeration?

Aerating is also one of the most important yet most neglected aspects of lawn care. Aeration loosens the soil so that water and nutrients can soak in. As with dethatching, aerating equipment is costly to buy or rent, and the work is very demanding. Fail to aerate, however, and you’ll increase the risk of faster thatch buildup.

What a drag! And what a mess!

There is nothing tidy about aerating and dethatching. All those clods and clippings get tracked everywhere, including into your house. And your lawn will look a lot worse before it recovers and starts looking better. We’ll bet you can’t find one single person who has switched to artificial grass who says they miss aerating and dethatching their lawn.

Enough, Already!

There is a reason (actually, there are lots of reasons) so many homeowners have jettisoned their natural grass in favor of fake. Heavenly Greens offers an entire array of synthetic lawn products that virtually eliminate maintenance time and costs. Dethatching and aerating become merely unpleasant memories, replaced by lush, green, life-like lawn all year round.

Within just a few years, your artificial lawn will pay for itself, thanks to savings in time, energy, and especially money. You don’t even have to wait to get started. We can install artificial grass any time of year, so let’s talk design now and get that grass in place in time for the first fun of spring.

Need even more incentive? Artificial turf provides the perfect surface for backyard putting greens and bocce ball courts. So you can go hog wild redesigning your entire space, not merely replacing your lawn. The more fake grass you have, the more fun your family can have – without sacrificing time and effort to aerating, dethatching, and all that other lawn maintenance.

See for yourself. We invite you to visit our online gallery of Heavenly Green’s artificial lawn installations, or see the grass in person at our San Jose artificial turf showroom.

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