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How to Reduce Grass Allergies and Toss the Tissues this Spring!

reduce your allergies with artificial grass - no allergens

The sun is shining and it’s time to head outdoors and enjoy your yard! Wait…is that a sniffle we hear? Puffy, damp, itchy eyes? Clogged sinuses? Oh—bless you! Grab your tissue box. It’s springtime, or as some know it, “allergy season”. 

Despite all of the wonderful things you can do in your yard when the warm weather rolls in, if you are allergy prone, you’re probably avoiding heading out there until the pollen settles. Springtime flowers blooming? You’ll admire them from your window.  The grass looks green and inviting? Not inviting enough to open the sliding door, thank you very much! 

Sadly, allergies can have a huge effect on your enjoyment of warm weather. Many who suffer from seasonal allergies must simply endure them, stocking up on allergy medications and tissues while avoiding the outdoors, bouquets of flowers, pollen-ridden pets, etc. until the pollen in the air clears.

While installing artificial turf in your yard won’t solve all of your allergy problems, it can certainly help you make big progress in this uphill battle. Heavenly Greens artificial turf is allergen-free and mess-free. Eliminating an expanse of natural grass that may be contributing to your allergies will help you enjoy your yard much more during allergy season. And for those with a specific grass allergy, owning a hypoallergenic artificial lawn can be life changing.

That’s why we recommend our natural looking, high quality and always hypoallergenic artificial turf products for the allergy-prone yard owner. No more cutting the lawn, no more grass hives, less allergens to pick up or breathe in when you head outdoors. This is a win-win for you.

Say “Good riddance!” to your allergies and call Heavenly Greens today to schedule an appointment with our helpful team to discuss installing artificial turf in your yard.

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