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The Solution to “Lawn Versus Dog” – Artificial Grass for Pets

Artificial Grass for Pets

For pet owners, keeping your lawn looking green and healthy can be a struggle when your beloved pet is involved. The wear and tear from digging and running can create dead spots and muddy patches in natural grass. Plus, those loving, muddy paws inevitably end up inside, finding carpets, rugs and clothing to stain. And, as for your lawn being the ultimate potty? Dog urine can cause discoloration and dead spots, too.

Heavenly Greens created an option to allow artificial grass and dogs to get along, keeping your lawn looking nice and not limiting your pet from what he enjoys the most - playing.

Whether your dog spends most of his time outside or only goes out a few times a day, Heavenly Greens offers fake grass for dogs – and other pets – that won’t discolor or ruin your carpets. This synthetic grass for dogs eliminates the worry, stress and effort spent on lawn care. The pet grass is fun for them, and your pets won’t know the difference from natural grass because artificial dog grass is soft and feels just like the real thing.

Heavenly Greens uses a sand and rubber infill as a base for your artificial grass installation that is non-toxic to your pet and lets liquids drain right through the surface. So this fake grass for dogs is safe and clean, too.

The benefits of synthetic grass installation include:

  • No mud
  • No discoloration, yellow spots or stains
  • No dead grass
  • No trails where dogs run
  • Controls odor
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy drainage

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Turf from Heavenly Greens lets your lawn and your dog get along, keeping your lawn looking nice and allowing your pet to play freely.

Grass for dogs shouldn’t be a chore, and Heavenly Greens’ artificial grass for dogs can make your outdoor areas at your home more beautiful and more available for the family to enjoy with your pets.

Contact Heavenly Greens for a quote for your backyard today.

Pet Grass and happy pet

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