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Homeowners' Associations Want Your To Repair Bare Spots In Your Lawn

Residential synthetic turf installationMany times, Homeowners' Associations require their members to fix bare spots in their yards where grass doesn’t grow. While it sounds like a task that doesn’t require much work, getting grass to grow in certain areas of your lawn can be downright impossible.

Most grasses need lots of sunlight to grow well and stay green. But trees can block sun with leaves and limbs, and leaves that fall from trees often block the grass below from getting the sun it needs to thrive. Thus, no grass grows. Plus, roots can prevent grass from growing, too, because they compete for the same space and for water.

Heavenly Greens can help you achieve a lawn that will make your homeowner association proud and keep you from wasting time in your yard with no results. Installing artificial grass at your home can save you the time, energy and get you approval from your homeowners association.

How? Heavenly Greens residential synthetic turf is guaranteed to be green. Shaded areas in lawns and roots are no problem for residential artificial grass. Plus, it looks so natural, you and your neighbors won’t be able to tell a difference.

Heavenly Greens fake grass is durable, so you don’t have to worry that grass will wear down from running and playing. No bare spots, dead patches or brown grass will be found on your lawn.

Synthetic turf is always accessible, as it drains easily and is clean. It’s soft and plush to the touch, too, so it’s comfortable and enjoyable to spend time sitting and playing in your yard.

Call Heavenly Greens today for a quote on residential synthetic grass installation so you can worry less about taking care of your yard for your homeowners association and more time enjoying it.

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