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Helping a Granddaughter Feel at Home … No Maintenance Synthetic Grass

A nice lady stopped by last week to talk about an idea she was considering for her daughter, a single mom who, after months of searching, had purchased a nice townhome with a enclosed concrete courtyard. The price was right, the home was spacious, and the location was safe and convenient.

The only problem my customer was having with the purchase was the idea of her young granddaughter having nowhere but a concrete courtyard for her and her friends to play. But with a full-time job and sole child-raising responsibilities, her daughter had no time for (or interest in) having a yard and all the maintenance and upkeep it would require. They’d been “debating” the issue for weeks when a friend suggested a potential solution: an artificial grass lawn covering the entire courtyard area, with easy accents like large container plantings and durable outdoor furnishings to complete the look. My customer had come by to check on the viability – and cost – of such a makeover.

I was happy to be able to show her that her friend had devised the ideal time- and money-saving solution! Once the courtyard is finished, her granddaughter and friends will have a pretty, private area to practice their cheerleader and majorette routines, play games and maybe even set up an outdoor study area. Mom can keep an eye on the kids, serve dinner outside and maybe even develop an interest in container gardening. Maintenance will be practically nonexistent, and such an attractive outdoor space is likely to enhance the home’s resale value. A single solution made all three generations happy.

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