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How the New Generation of Artificial Turf Differs from the Past

artificial turfWhether you are considering using artificial turf for the lawn surrounding your home or outside seating area, newer versions of manufactured lawn materials have changed the way people think about synthetic lawns. These Newer versions of artificial grass are much safer and have fewer concerns surrounding their use.

Old vs. New

Past forms of manufactured turf contained a laundry list of materials. One of the most controversial was lead. For years, the turf was placed in large stadiums and recreational facilities as it was much more durable and economic compared to natural grass. When lead was discovered to have detrimental side effects, companies who manufactured the artificial turf began to re-evaluate how it was made and what could used in its place to improve the products performance and durability.

Today most artificial forms of turf are made from crumb rubber, nylon fibers and polyethylene. The new combination of materials has resulted in a turf that feels and looks more like natural grass than anything from the past. Fewer chemicals are needed to manufacture it and processes are much more cost efficient than ever before making it more affordable.

Older forms of manufactured turf resembled short pile, heavy carpet. It was made with a thick rubber backing that was added to stabilize the turf and absorb pressure. Artificial turf made today is made with components that can better imitate the structure and feel of natural grass without the heavy rubber coating that, in years past, trapped odors and moisture.

Benefits of Artificial Turf

Newer forms of synthetic lawns offer several benefits for homeowners. They include:

  • Better construction for increased durability
  • Color does not fade or change with time
  • Cost efficient (no mowing, fertilizing or any other types of upkeep)
  • Have become more resilient under constant traffic like natural grass or older forms of artificial turf
  • Lasts several years with minimal maintenance and little or no additional cost
  • Retains its look through every season

The new generation of artificial turf is designed to withstand not only extreme temperatures, but also the constant wear and tear from children, pets and other items that tend to break down the fibers. Lawns are meant to be used. These advances in technology now provided homeowners with an viable alternative to natural grass. These new artificial turf products offer the look and feel of natural grass without excessive amounts of maintenance and lawn care.

The new generation of manmade turf has been studied extensively when it comes to its overall effectiveness and efficiency. Studies performed on turfs made of crumb rubber, rubberized sand and other materials of a similar nature are proving that they are much more cost effective and much safer to use than various types of artificial turf that have been used in the past. 

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