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How Much Time You Can Save Due to Your Artificial Lawn

describe the imageHomeowners are choosing artificial lawn products for several reasons. Many decide to have it installed because it is cost effective and can save them several thousand dollars over the next 10 to 15 years. Another popular reason is because it remains green year round. Extreme temperatures don't result in brown patchy spots and areas of dead grass where shade deprives it of much needed sunlight.

Lastly, people install artificial grass to save themselves time. The average homeowner can spend anywhere from one to six hours a week on their lawn and landscaping depending on the size of the lawn and how much work needs to be done. Installing an artificial lawn frees up their time so they can do other activities, including:

  • Spend quality time with the family

  • Go boating, hiking or camping

  • Watch the game

  • Go to the beach

Whatever activity your family enjoys, installing manufactured grass allows you the opportunity to spend more time pursuing them. While artificial turf does require a minimum amount of maintenance, it requires much less than natural grass.

No Mowing

An artificial lawn stays green all year long. It doesn't grow and never needs to be mowed. Blades do not need to be sharpened on the lawnmower and the oil doesn't have to be changed. A manufactured grass lawn does not have to be rolled to smooth out bumps and will not grow excessively fast after a heavy rainstorm. As a homeowner, much of the time spent caring for the lawn is tied up in mowing and maintaining the lawn mower.

No Trimming

When artificial grass is installed, there is no need to trim around trees or other landscaping. Lawnmowers cut wide open areas easily, but have difficulty getting close to obstacles that are in their path. Trimming with a weed eater or other lawn tool takes time and energy. There is no need to trim around anything if artificial turf has been used in place of natural grass.

No Weeding/Fertilizing

An artificial lawn does not need to be fertilized or treated with weedkiller. The blades are made with durable nylon fibers and attached to a permeable, mesh background. This allows water to flow through but prevents weeds and other plants from growing in it. Because weeds cannot penetrate the mesh, there are no weeds to pull, leaving the lawn lush, green and beautiful.

No Watering

Best of all, artificial turf does not have to be watered on a regular basis. You don't have to worry about when it rained last or forgetting to turn on the sprinkler system. On the hand, you also don't have to worry about your lawn getting too much rain. With natural grass, water saturates the ground and then begins to collect in valleys throughout the yard. Artificial turf has a built in drainage system where water flows through the permeable backing and follows small channels and allowed to drain away from the main portion of the yard.

Artificial grass helps to conserve water and save you money in the long run. Because it has none of the needs of natural grass, you spend less time maintaining and more time enjoying it. Your family can play on it as much as they like without fear of damaging it or wearing paths into it. Manufactured grass also stands up to pets and their habits.

With the uncertainties in today's economy, its a good idea to save money any way you can. It's even better when you can save your time as well. Kids grow up too fast and you shouldn't have to spend the majority of your time taking care of your lawn when you could be out playing catch or taking your kids on a hike.

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