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Top 12 Lawn Games For The Whole Family

lawn gamesFamily fun is what summer is all about. There are several lawn games that can be played outside that involve the entire family. Playing games together offers several benefits, including:

  • Builds stronger relationships

  • Teaches children the concept of teamwork

  • Everyone can participate

  • Teach sportsmanship

Sharing things as a family brings everyone closer together. Playing lawn games brings out everyone's competitive spirit and gives everyone an opportunity to have fun and enjoy themselves.

Top 12 Most Popular Lawn Games


Horseshoes have been around for centuries. Two posts or spikes set a distance a part and 4 large horse shoes are all that is needed for this fun backyard game. People who love the game and play on a regular basis, will often build horseshoe pits to make the game more fun.


Two ready made platforms, each with a six inch hole towards the top center and 8 bean bags for tossing are the only requirements for this game. Similar to toss across, the object is to get the bean bags through the other team's cornhole board.


Installing a golf green in your backyard will lead to hours of fun. Not only is this a great game for a family get together, but it is also perfect for those weekend golfers looking to improve their short game. Learn more about installing a backyard golf green with Heavenly Greens. 


America's favorite past time when it comes to back yard fun. Grab a few frisbees and start them flying. Just throw them back and forth or create a crazy game of tag. If the yard is big enough a miniature disc golf course can be set up for extra fun.


If there are enough players, setting up a volleyball net may be well worth the time. 6 to 8 players makes for a fun day of intense competition or just plain family fun. This is an ideal game for family reunions because of the number of people who can play at one time.


Similar to tennis and ping pong, badminton can be fun. Not as intense as volleyball, badminton is a good game for kids for all ages. It isn't normally as fast paced as volleyball or ping pong, but still offers a chance to be competitive.

Ladder golf

Ladder golf is played with a small, tiered rack (it looks like a wide ladder) and three sets of colored balls on strings. The balls are tossed towards the rack and points are calculated by which rung they land on. This game is extremely popular because it doesn't take a lot of space to play.


Soft baseballs can be purchased that are ideal for backyard play and work well when small children are involved. This is a great game for large family gatherings where there is enough room to run and hit the ball without fear of breaking a window or hitting a car.


Football is another game that has been a popular pastime for generations. Flag or touch football is a great game for large families who love to fast paced, competitive games.

Lawn Twister

Lawn twister can be played two different ways. There is a large tarp sized game cloth that can be purchased and spread out over the yard, or, you can purchase special lawn spray paint and draw the diagram and colored circles yourself. The paint washes away with the rain and won't stain clothing once it dries.

Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is a great game for all ages and skill levels and if you have kids, the simplier the game the better. If you have a bocce ball set, then just hit your backyard and start tossing. If you would like a more professional feel then try installing a bocce ball court in your backyard!

Backyard Bowling

A few two liter bottles partially filled with sand or water and a croquet ball are all you need to set up your own backyard bowling alley. This is game is fun for all ages and will occupy hours of time. It's a great idea for littler kids who aren't capable of playing games like volleyball or football.

Having fun as a family starts at home, back yard lawn games are a great way to spend a relaxing weekend. Invite your friends over for a BBQ and let the games begin!

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