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4 More Backyard Problems That Artificial Grass Can Solve


4 More Backyard Problems That Artificial Grass Can Solve http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/4-more-backyard-problems-artificial-grass-can-solve @heavenlygreensA natural grass lawn can be so pretty and inviting – if you’re lucky. Unfortunately, natural grass is all too often associated with backyard problems that overshadow its beautiful potential. Artificial grass solves a wide range of these backyard problems, leaving you with what you really want – pretty grass your family can enjoy in multiple ways.



In an earlier blog article, we described four common backyard problems that switching to artificial grass can solve:

  • Excessive water use
  • Need to apply pesticides and fertilizers
  • Cost of acquiring and maintaining lawn care equipment
  • Location-related headaches such as excessive shade

But that’s just the beginning. Artificial grass can solve far more backyard problems, so let’s look at four more that we know you will relate to:


Dog damage

We all love our pets dearly. But dogs, especially, can wreak vast amounts of havoc on a natural grass lawn. Digging, tearing around after their favorite ball (or each other), and using the grass as a potty facility all damage grass. Instead of that pretty green expanse, you get yellow or dead spots, divots and holes. It looks awful. That ragged grass can be dangerous, too, if you trip unsuspectingly in one of those holes.


Artificial grass stands up to even the busiest dog. They can’t rip it or dig holes in it. Urine drains right through and it’s easy to pick up solids, so all your fake grass needs is a little rinse and it’s ready for more.


Kid damage

Backyards were made for children, but your backyard may not be as kid-safe as you think. Fluffy as natural grass is, it’s a pretty unfriendly surface if your child happens to fall off her swing or jungle gym. Broken arms, twisted ankles, it’s no fun.


Replacing that natural grass with Heavenly Greens FallSoft artificial grass system gives your little ones added protection, from falls up to five feet. That’s more peace of mind for you, something any parent can appreciate. Plus, you can say goodbye to rutted and bare spots that can be just as ugly and dangerous as those holes your dog digs. Double-plus, you can say goodbye to muddy footprints and paw prints tracked in by your dog and kids.  



Why have a backyard if you rarely have time to enjoy it? We’re not talking about enjoying the view of your lovely grass and garden when you look out the window, we’re talking about actual leisure time you get to spend out in that backyard. Sitting around the pool. Planting flowers, playing fetch with the dog or catch with your kids, inviting the neighbors over for a BBQ.


Homeowners who are enslaved to their natural grass miss out on too many of these opportunities, especially considering your grass needs the most attention just when then the outdoor weather is most inviting. Artificial grass requires only the merest maintenance to keep it looking gorgeous and inviting every day of the year.


Your golf game

OK, so this isn’t exactly a “backyard problem,” but artificial grass can provide an elegant backyard solution. With more time to yourself, thanks to installing fake grass, you can look forward to playing more golf. But you’ll enjoy that a lot more of your golf game is at its best. A backyard putting green is the perfect solution. Much as you might want to, you cannot hone your short game on a natural grass lawn.


So now you have eight great reasons to choose artificial grass for your backyard. But there are even more. We’d love to tell you about them, so give us a call.

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