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6 Drought Tolerant Grasses For A California Landscape


6 Drought Tolerant Grasses For A California Landscape http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/6-drought-tolerant-grasses-for-a-california-landscape @heavenlygreensLiving in an area that is prone to drought conditions can make it difficult to landscape your property. There are a number of shrubs, trees and grasses that are drought resistant and will thrive even in the most extreme conditions. Whether you are looking for tall, decorative grasses or ground cover, there are many different kinds to suit almost every desire and decorative taste. Different types of grasses and ground covers do better in certain situations and handle different levels of traffic. You need to know what type of activity is best tolerated and find a ground cover that meets all of your needs. Check out the different types of grasses you could use for drought tolerant landscaping



Fescue grasses thrive in almost any condition, but will hold its own in hot, dry temperatures. Although fescues prefer cooler temperatures, they can withstand prolonged periods of drought and will recover quickly if they have to go without water for any length of time. Fescues are extremely popular grasses for lawns and playing fields. It is very resilient and works well in high traffic areas, like playgrounds, backyards, athletic playing fields and show areas.


Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass grows thick and fast, especially when given ample amounts of water. This type of grass thrives in direct sun and grows best in southern areas with sub-tropical climates. Bermuda grass is extremely tolerant of high traffic and will recover quickly after a long day of child's play. The grass works well for playgrounds and parks. It is extremely resilient and can take a lot of punishment if it is cared for properly.


Bahia Grass

Bahia grass is extremely coarse, but grows thick and full. It grows well in areas where other grasses won't or can't thrive. This grass needs full, direct sun. It's excellent for drought prone areas and will continue to grow even in harsh conditions. Bahia grass works well in lawns where it is difficult for other grasses to thrive. It is somewhat tolerant of foot traffic. This improves once it is allowed to get established.


Zoysia Grass

Zoysia grass is tolerant of moderate traffic and produces a thick, lush carpet of grass. It thrives in either sun or shade. Zoysia is extremely slow growing and is flexible when it comes to both climate and watering. This type of grass is ideal for playgrounds and other areas where a thick bed of grass is needed.


Buffalo Grass

Buffalo grass is a long, tall prairie grass, that thrives in full sun and requires warmer temperatures. Although it is a thicker, hardier breed of grass, it does not do well with heavy traffic. It thrives in areas where rainfall is minimal and grows slowly. This is an excellent grass for landscaped areas, especially if it is allowed to grow to its full height.


St. Augustine Grass

St. Augustine grass is extremely drought tolerant. It does grow well with a good sun/shade mix. It is consider to be medium to high maintenance. It will crowd out most weeds due to its thick, lush carpet of ground cover. It is characterized by broad, flat blades and establishes itself through runners that spread quickly over the ground's surface. It is tolerant of traffic but will need to be closely monitored for bare areas if traffic gets too heavy.


Choosing the right type of grass will determine whether or not your lawn will look its best when conditions start to get rough. High temperatures and minimal rainfall can wreak havoc on a lawn. It's important to make sure you have the right type of ground cover in place when drought conditions hit. You should review your options and talk to your local landscape company to ensure that you have made the right choice.

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