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Bugs And Artificial Turf: What To Expect



Summer. Everyone’s favorite outdoor season. You get out the yard games for your lawn, give the grill a good scrub, set out the patio furniture, and you’re ready to party. Or relax and do next to nothing. But no sooner do you get outside than bugs start to appear. Buzzing around. Crawling up your leg or across your plate. Stinging and biting. Kinda ruins the atmosphere, doesn’t it?

Artificial grass discourages bugs

Natural grass lawns attract insects to your yard. They chomp on the grass blades, lay their tiny larvae in the soil, and generally make themselves right at home. In the process, they reduce your lawn to patches of dead and damaged grass. Ugh. Now your lawn looks tatty and instead of enjoying your yard you have to deal with lawn repair instead. It’s a vicious circle of annoyance and frustration.

But not at your house, because you wisely switched to artificial turf.

With fake grass, there’s no “welcome” sign for pests. There’s nowhere to live. Nothing to eat. Talk about inhospitable. Even better, artificial grass is more hospitable for you and your family than the real thing. That’s because natural grass retains moisture, which not only appeals to insects but fosters mold and mildew that can trigger allergies in both people and pets. (Did you just sneeze?)

Top quality synthetic grass is designed and installed to ensure moisture drains away quickly rather than lingering or puddling up. It drains several times faster than real grass, thanks to what’s underneath the turf – a carefully-designed system of “trenches” that carry away water while maintaining a smooth, traffic-friendly surface. Heavenly Greens MaxxFlow eliminates moisture fastest of all.

No chemical “pests” required

The only way to deal with pests in a natural lawn is by applying insecticides and fungicides, not to mention herbicides to kill off all those weeds. By now we all know these toxic chemicals pose serious health dangers for ourselves, our pets, wildlife, and our natural environment. When you switch to an artificial grass lawn, there’s nothing to spray. The turf itself and its underlayment are also entirely free of toxins and allergens. That’s safer for everyone – even beneficial insects.

It is possible that you’ll see the occasional weed along the border of your artificial grass, or perching on top. But it’s easy to whisk them away. No worries about establishing a bug-friendly presence. You’ll have the lush, emerald green lawn you’ve always pictured, every day, with only miniscule maintenance required.

Go bug-free and have more fun

Without having to worry about insect damage, it makes more sense to put in that back yard putting green you’ve been wanting, too. There’s an artificial turf specifically made for that – more than one type, actually (in fact, there are numerous types of fake grass, for any purpose). Of course, that’ll mean more “just dropped by” visits from ol’ Ralph down the street. But you like Ralph, so that’s cool.

With artificial turf, you could be putting your way to perfection. Hanging out on the grass by the pool. Playing fetch with the dog, or refreshing water games with the kids on the lawn. And grilling up fragrant steaks, with toasted marshmallow delights for dessert. All without the irritation of uninvited bugs or that charming aroma of insect repellent. Now that’s the summer you had in mind, isn’t it?

Eliminating annoying and damaging insects isn’t the only reason to choose Heavenly Greens. There are lots of things that make us different, from the quality of the artificial turf products we offer, to our friendly, expert design team and installation crews. So stop being bugged by bugs! The sooner you talk to us, the closer you’ll be to bug-free outdoor living.   

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