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Why Artificial Turf Is Safe For Your Kids


Why Artificial Turf Is Safe For Your Kids http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/why-artificial-grass-is-good-for-your-kids @heavenlygreens Nothing is more important to parents than protecting their children. Our world is filled with potential kid dangers beyond parental control, so it’s only natural that we look for things we can do to keep our children healthy and safe. Could that include switching to artificial turf? Thanks to the latest advances in science and technology, the answer is yes.


Kids love to play on the grass, whether it’s soccer or some other team sport or simply romping around with friends or pets. Unfortunately, natural grass presents certain health and safety issues for children. Some are obvious, others are things we don’t necessarily think about. Or even realize.


Grass allergies are a toughie

Lots of kids are allergic to grass pollen. Allergies come with yucky symptoms such as runny nose, itchy eyes, and skin rash and swelling. And dangerous symptoms that can include asthma. Grass allergy can even escalate to anaphylaxis in some kids, if they get a scratch or scrape and the grass pollen enters their bloodstream.


The only way to avoid getting sick is to stay off the grass. In fact, doctors recommend that people with grass allergies stay indoors with the windows closed. If you have to go outside, wear clothing that covers your arms and legs – and wash them right away. Or your child can take medication every day. What parent wants to put their kids through all that? (Or yourself? Dogs and cats can suffer from grass allergies, too.)


WebMD recommends, “Rethink your lawn.” Good idea.


Artificial turf is allergen-free

It’s not real grass, so it cannot trigger symptoms. It’s made from non-allergenic and non-toxic materials, so it doesn’t bring potentially harmful chemicals to your home. Numerous studies have shown that the infill materials we use during installation are not a health hazard.


Artificial grass is safer to play on

Natural grass develops depressions and holes that can easily trip up a child. Who’s looking at the ground when they’re dashing to snare a fly ball or chasing the dog around the yard? Natural grass doesn’t drain very well, especially given that many of us in the Bay Area have clay-type soils. That means dips and holes turn into puddles when it rains, making it easier for your kid to slip and fall. Even without the puddles, real grass becomes slippery when it’s wet.


Artificial grass does not. And it won’t develop bare patches or holes, because neither your industrious dog nor those annoying gophers and moles can dig through synthetic turf. Besides, combined with our multi-level installation system, faux grass drains away moisture much better than real grass under any conditions. And it dries fast, too. It all adds up to a safer play surface for kids.


FallSoft technology protects little ones

Here at Heavenly Greens, one of the specialized artificial grass products we offer is designed to be used as “flooring” under play structures. You want your child to have maximum backyard fun, but every parent worries about injuries. Fake grass that incorporates FallSoft technology actually cushions falls from as high as 5 feet. Natural grass may feel soft to your toes, but it won’t feel soft when your kid lands on it.


Lawn care is hazardous to your health

Switching to artificial grass eliminates all that tedious mowing. But it also eliminates the need to apply pesticides and fertilizers that can be seriously harmful to children. Kids can breathe these toxins as well as contact them directly on skin and clothes. With faux grass, your kids are safe, and so is our environment.


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