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6 Tips For Keeping Your Artificial Turf Looking Fab

6 Tips For Keeping Your Artificial Turf Looking Fab http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/6-tips-for-keeping-artificial-turf-looking-fab @heavenlygreensJust because you’re no longer a slave to your lawn doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a few steps to keep it looking its prettiest. After all, you made a significant investment in upgrading your home when you switched from natural grass to artificial turf.

And while your fake grass will last 20 years or more without fading or falling apart, a few simple tasks will keep it looking its loveliest.




  1. Use a leaf blower to remove organic debris such as fallen leaves. Just as with a natural lawn, allowing debris to accumulate invites mold and mildew. You can use a leaf rake for heavier pieces, or just pick them up by hand. 
  1. All artificial grass, even the highest quality, will tend to mat down over time in high-traffic areas. A stiff, natural-bristle broom is the perfect tool for fluffing these areas. 
  1. One of the most common questions we hear at Heavenly Greens is about pets, especially dogs. If you have one or more rambunctious canines, can you still keep your artificial turf looking spiffy? Yes! In fact, over 80% of Heavenly Greens customers are dog owners and dog-related businesses such as pet care facilities. Even the Humane Society. 

If your dog or cat does his thing on the grass, clean it up quickly. A quick pick-up, if necessary, and a rinse with the hose, and you’re finished. No little piles to mar the beautiful expanse of green or trip you up. No lingering odors. 

  1. If someone spills their summer beverage, a quick rinse works for that, too. No sticky residue to attract dirt, no sweet smell to attract bees or other insects. 
  1. Occasionally, you may see a few weeds pop up, on your lawn or around the edges. These seeds are growing on top of the barrier, not underneath, so it’s easy to pluck them up. Or you can give them a spray with vinegar or a commercial weed-killer such as Round-Up. These chemicals won’t harm your artificial turf, but vinegar is more eco- and family-friendly. 
  1. Rarely, you may find mushrooms appearing in a very shady, damp area. Give ‘em the vinegar treatment, and they’ll be gone. 

What will you not have to do?

  • Mow
  • Edge
  • Fertilize
  • Control insect or organic pests
  • Reseed bare patches caused by rabbits or your dog
  • Repair gopher holes
  • Spend time and money on all of the above

You get what you pay for

You could have purchased artificial turf from any number of companies. But you chose Heavenly Greens products for your home or business because you knew you’d get superior quality. The very best artificial grass for your application, based on advice from knowledgeable, experienced local experts. And professional installation to give your fake grass a sturdy, top-performing foundation. 


But sometimes you could use some extra help

All that said, you want to do everything you can to protect your artificial grass investment and keep every square inch of that gorgeous grass in tip-top condition. That’s why we offer our Heavenly Greens Artificial Turf Maintenance Package.


Following our simple maintenance recommendations is a great start. But let’s be honest. Things happen that you cannot control or fix on your own. You accidentally melt a patch of grass. Or, thanks to years of extreme drought, some spots in your yard start to sink. We’re here to help, because we’re your partner when it comes to keeping your artificial turf looking fab.

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