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Alternative Uses For Artificial Grass

Alternative Uses For Artificial Grass http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/alternative-uses-for-artificial-grass @heavenlygreensMany Americans are turning to artificial grass to improve the beauty of their homes and businesses. According to Houselogic, synthetic grass used in landscaping and recreational areas is increasing by as much as 15% annually. What makes artificial grass perfect for so many purposes?

Artificial grass is both durable and very versatile. It has many uses that go far beyond lawn beautification. The fact that it needs little to no maintenance makes it ideal for a variety of other uses. While many people associate artificial turf with putting greens and dog runs, it has the ability to be used in several different ways and provide lasting results that offer both convenience and comfort. Download our guide to learn more about artificial grass design


Why use artificial grass?

Some of the benefits of artificial grass include the reduction of lawn work, pesticides, and water waste. Artificial grass is also made from eco-friendly materials that can help soil retain its value, and prevent wind and water erosion. It’s also a family favorite for outdoor entertainment areas such as back patios, balconies, and gardens. The options are endless, but here are some of the more popular ideas for using artificial grass.


Pet Bedding

The ideal use for artificial turf when it comes to pets is as a dog run or outdoor play area. What many people are discovering, however, is that it can also be used to carpet the inside of dog houses and other pet enclosures. Some types of bedding wear out or can be carried outside of the enclosure. Straw, pine shavings and other types of natural fibers and materials must be removed if they become soiled or start to dissipate. Using artificial grass instead of straw offers several benefits.

  • Pets like the natural feel of the “grass”under their paws
  • Artificial turf does not get caught in their coat or irritate the skin
  • It does not get carried away in the wind
  • Can be easily cleaned with a hose if it becomes soiled

Measuring the right size piece of turf and laying it inside the dog house or pet enclosure allows you the convenience of removing it and cleaning it as often as necessary. Keep an extra piece on hand for easy replacements. Learn more about your pets and artificial grass. 


High Rise Landscape

People who live in high-rise apartments don't usually have the luxury of a backyard to relax in. Instead, they have a cement patio or deck that overlooks the city. No soil normally means no grass. With artificial turf, however, any size patio can be turned into a miniature backyard that requires virtually zero maintenance. Even during the coldest of winter months, the artificial turf will remain green and vibrant, providing you with the luxury of having a taste of summer even on the coldest winter days. When combined with a garden and some patio furnishings, this outdoor space can become an oasis in the middle of busy city life.


Decorative Accents

Artificial turf can be cut to any size or shape. Individuals who are trying to create a unique look can use synthetic grass in ways that will set their backyard patio apart from other neighborhood homes. It can be used to:

  • Create stepping pads in a variety of shapes and sizes around plants
  • Cover plant boxes or walls in a lush green texture
  • Create walking paths or walk-ways around swimming pools
  • Create outdoor game boards by using different textures and colors


Establish your own putting green on your property

If you are planning on renovating a deck or patio, artificial turf can be used to enhance the look of any patio. It is extremely easy to clean and because of its structure, it prevents water from standing in puddles. Once it has been installed, there is little maintenance and can remain in place for several years without having to be repaired or replaced. It’s far more durable and looks better than outdoor carpeting, dull wood or concrete.


Finished Basement Carpeting

Basements are known to be damp, dark, and dreary. Because of the excess moisture associated with concrete or cement flooring, laying carpet can lead to mold and mildew if dehumidifiers aren't used on a regular basis. The problem can be solved with the use of artificial turf. It is not affected by moisture and will retain its texture and shape no matter how humid the area gets. On top of this, artificial grass is easy to run a broom or vacuum over to maintain cleanliness, and it’s perfect for areas that get dirty from storing household supplies or operating a laundry area.


Installing artificial turf in a basement may seem like an odd idea, but when you have children who love to play outside, it begins to make sense. In the winter, when snow covers the ground and the temperatures are too low to comfortably play outside, children can go into the warm basement and enjoy the feel of grass under their feet. Children, pets, and adults who like the outdoors can enjoy the feel of being “outside” any time of the year when you use artificial grass as carpeting.


An alternative to installing artificial grass in a basement can include using this to cover the floor of your garage, sunroom, or a closed in porch to create a green indoor space the whole family can enjoy. Mud rooms get an update by being a place where the family can kick off shoes without worrying about ruining indoor carpets.


The uses for synthetic grass are only limited by your imagination. Every home is unique in the opportunities it offers for design and creativity. You can add a little “green” to almost any area with a section of artificial turf and a little ingenuity.

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