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Are There Different Types of Turf Solutions for Various Size Yards?

Turf_Different_Sized_YardsWhen having a natural grass lawn begins to become too worrisome to deal with, you may want to look into other turf solutions that will help you maintain your lawn and keep it looking its best. There are several landscaping solutions you can use to help eliminate the constant maintenance a natural grass requires. Turf solutions can be used to create recreational areas, pet runs, cover shaded areas or create unique accent areas. There are several options depending on how big your yard is and how much you want to invest in the project.

Large to Medium Sized Lawns

Large to medium sized lawns that cover an acre or more may be unsuitable for artificial turf simply because of the price. There are turf solutions, however, that can make it manageable without breaking your budget. The larger the lawn, the more room you have to play. Create a large pet area where you can install artificial turf. You can also create putting greens or batting cages, if you or your child are into sports. Take an areas of the yard that has an excessive amount of shade and create a landscaped area that contains decorative plants, various types of rocks, a pond or small statues. Butterfly gardens are extremely popular and do not cost that much to start. They are also quite easy to care for.

Smaller Lawns

One of the best turf solutions for smaller lawns is artificial turf and creative landscaping ideas. When covering a smaller amount of ground, synthetic grass makes an excellent choice. With virtually no upkeep, lawns will remain beautiful all year long. With added landscaped areas that include fountains, ponds and decorative foliage, your back yard can become a virtual oasis where you can spend your free time without having to worry about allergens, dirt and mud.

If you have a lawn that is extremely small, choosing artificial turf is convenient as well. In small enclosed areas, natural grass can be incredibly hard to care for. Synthetic turf can be installed almost anywhere and cut to fit any specific shape or size. Once it is installed, there is virtually no maintenance or upkeep to worry about. Even if it is mostly in the shade, it will keep its vibrant green look all year long, even in the coldest of winters or the extreme heat of summer. Artificial turf makes an excellent play surface for both kids and pets as well.

Patio Lawns

Individuals who live in high rise condos or apartments can create patio lawns using a variety of turf solutions. Artificial turf can be used over large areas of concrete to give the look and feel of a real lawn. If the patio is small, synthetic grass can be used to cover benches or the materials used to create boundaries around landscaped areas.

Artificial turf can be cut into small shapes and used as stepping stones to create a path or long strips to simulate walkways and paths. The condo owner can create almost any look they want just by using a few different turf solutions. The materials are extremely affordable and can be used in a variety of ways to create a space that is totally unique. Patio lawns are ideal for people who love the feel of grass between their toes but are forced to live in the city because of their work or other commitments.

Turf solutions are available for almost every size of lawn no matter where they are located. Different shades of grass, different textures and various other landscaping materials can be used to create the ideal living space for each individual lifestyle.

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