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Artificial Grass vs Real Grass; What Makes Artificial Grass Far Superior


Artificial Grass vs Real Grass; What Makes Artificial Grass Far Superior http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/artificial-grass-vs-real-grass @heavenlygreensOne of the main concerns on every homeowner's mind is how to keep their property looking its very best without stretching their budget or spending every spare minute working on the lawn. One of the ways to address this concern is to convert all or part of the lawn to artificial grass. Installing a putting green, pool surround, dog run or playground can take up a large portion of the lawn and eliminate much of the hassle of dealing with natural grass. The debate between artificial grass vs real grass is a real one, especially when it comes to environmental and financial reasons.

Minimal Maintenance

When it boils down to artificial grass vs real grass, the biggest factor many homeowners truly enjoy is the minimal maintenance associated with artificial turf. Aside from the normal no mowing, trimming or watering, other forms of maintenance are also avoided. Play areas, for example, don't need to have bare spots filled in under high traffic spots. Dog runs require only an occasional rinsing and the removal of debris to keep them looking their best. Using artificial grass around a hot tub or swimming pool eliminates tracking grass and other debris into the water and also prevents slip and fall accidents when the cement or decking gets wet.

No Costly Repairs

Artificial turf is extremely durable. Unlike real grass that has to be reseeded and fertilized on a regular basis, artificial turf can withstand high levels of foot traffic as well as other types of activity. When it comes to pets and artificial grass vs real grass, the comparison is easily made. Real grass can suffer dramatically when pets are introduced. In hot dry weather, the grass will turn brown and die. When there is ample moisture, large clumps of green grass will grow only in areas where pets tend to do their business, giving the lawn a spotty look. Artificial grass on the other hand, maintains its color and doesn't degrade or deteriorate.

Environmental Factors

When comparing artificial grass vs real grass another important factor is the impact each has on the environment. Real grass requires over 150,000 per 800 square feet of lawn on a yearly basis. In areas where drought conditions are prevalent, this can lead to both economic hardship for the owner as well as a profound loss of value when it comes to the property. With artificial grass, no water is needed and the harsh chemicals normally used to protect and maintain a lawn or no longer required for it to look green and vibrant all year round.

Ever-Green With or Without Shade

Real grass can change with the seasons. When cooler temperatures hit, the grass can become pale and brittle. During hotter temperatures, if no moisture is available, the grass will begin to burn and turn to ugly shade of brown. If no water is to be had, it will eventually die, leaving large brown patches that will have to be reseeded. Artificial turf is not affected by the temperatures, the lack of water or the lack of direct sunlight. Real grass can fail quickly when planted under trees or deprived of direct sunlight. Artificial turf can be placed anywhere, even inside the home and look just as natural and green as its organic counterpart.

In states like California, the debate between artificial grass vs real grass is quickly becoming a non-issue. The benefits of artificial turf far out way those of the real grass and can save homeowners thousands of dollars and man hours over the years it remains in place. The look and feel of most types of artificial turf is so lifelike that many people have a difficult time telling artificial from real. Explore the benefits of both and it will become apparent that artificial grass is quickly becoming the choice of many homeowners who take pride in their property.

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