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What Makes Artificial Turf So Durable?


What Makes Artificial Turf So Durable http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/artificial-turf-durability @heavenlygreensHomeowners that choose to use artificial turf as their primary ground cover for their lawn, often do so for several reasons. It looks and feels like natural grass, adding value to their home. Secondly, there is very little maintenance and the reduced need for water saves money. One of the most important reasons has to do with its durability. Most want a product that will not wear away like grass or die from excessive heat and the rest of the elements.

Type of Turf

The type of artificial turf will determine its durability. For example, lighter weight turf that is used in landscaping and for decorative purposes will normally be less durable because it isn't intended for use in high traffic areas or anywhere that a pet could possibly damage it. Artificial turf that is designed to be used in playgrounds, putting greens and animal areas will be manufactured to the highest standards because of its intended purpose.


It's a common fact that if a product is extremely cheap, it isn't going to be made with the highest quality of materials. Cheap, lighter weight types of artificial turf is going to be less expensive and will also feel lighter and finer than those that are made of better materials. Before choosing a turf, ask to walk on it, run your fingers through the blades and closely examine the delicate mesh weave that makes up the underside. Ask the landscaper or company rep what type of turf is best for certain types of activity. Just like there are several different types of carpeting, there are several different types of artificial turf, each designed to be installed for a specific purpose. Extremely expensive turf may not be the most durable. It is always important to know exactly what you are buying before you have it installed.

Manufacturing and Construction

The manufacturing process and construction techniques will help to determine how durable an artificial turf product is. A product that is put together with cheap, unreliable materials will not be as durable as one that is made with the highest quality fibers and fabric. Ask about the manufacturing process. Is it environmentally sound and does it include processes and techniques that strengthen the final product? When it comes to these types of questions, it may be best to talk to individuals who have purchased the product and are currently using it. Most landscapers and installers have a list of homeowners and commercial property owners that are willing to talk to potential buyers. They can explain how well the materials hold up during various levels of activity. They can also relate to the quality of turf's construction. Has it needed to be repaired? Does it look like new? Has it started to show wear and tear?


One of the most common factors in how durable a specific type of artificial turf is, involves how well it was installed. Even the best artificial turf will fail if the installation was not performed correctly. Talk to the manufacturer, the installers, or landscapers in your area to find out what type of techniques are used in the installation process and which companies are more reliable than others. If the artificial turf is installed correctly, it will hold up for several years.

The durability of artificial grass relies on many things. The quality of the materials, how it was manufactured, and finally, how it was installed. It's longevity and affordability also play a role in a homeowner's choice to have it installed, but the main factor for most is the product's durability. With a little research, the right product can be found that will be able to handle almost any activity.

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