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Avoid Puddles And Mud With Artificial Turf


Avoid Puddles And Mud With Artificial Turf http://www.heavenlygreens.com/avoid-puddles-and-mud-with-artificial-turf @heavenlygreensA natural grass lawn can look so pretty when it’s brand new. That even, fluffy surface. The inviting, consistently emerald color. Nice! But then time passes. The seasons change. Regular family usage turns into wear and tear. And your once-pretty lawn is pretty no more. It looks tired. Worn and torn.


Not only has your natural grass lost its aesthetic luster, it is the source of mess. That’s because wear and tear inevitably lead to puddles and mud.



If only you’d switched to artificial turf!

Natural grass lawns develop dips and swales over time, and these turn into puddles when it rains (or you inadvertently overwater). The situation is worst for Bay Area residents who have clay soils – as so many of us do. These soils do not drain efficiently, even under the best of circumstances, making it easy for water to accumulate on your lawn.

Stomping in puddles is great fun when you’re five years old. But as an adult homeowner, puddles have a lot less appeal. You can bet the kid who delivers your morning newspaper will nail that puddle. And your slippers will be soaked by the time you retrieve the paper. Such a charming way to begin the day. If only you’d switched to artificial turf!

Natural grass also develops divots and deeper holes from repeated wear. The neighborhood kids and your dog romp around, just having fun. Or maybe your dog deliberately digs holes, to bury her treasures or simply for fun. Or maybe she uses your grass as a personal potty. Dog urine, especially from females, can kill natural grass, leaving sizeable yellow patches or bare spots.

Dead blades become debris. Bare dirt becomes mud. It’s not pretty, and when feet and paws inevitably track it all into your house, it’s a mess. Arrrgh! It’s like a recurring bad dream.

Wake up!

Artificial turf banishes your grassy nightmare forever, replacing it with a homeowner’s dream come true. A lawn that looks as pretty-perfect as your natural grass did on Day One. And stays that way. Lush, smooth surface. Uniformly emerald green. Tough as nails but soft underfoot. Ahhhh, that’s so much better.

There’s an artificial turf just right for your family’s needs. Whether you want something for the kids, dogs, outdoor living areas, or nothing more than lovely landscape vistas, we have a superior-quality fake grass for you. In many cases, you can even choose the shade of green and texture you like. You won’t believe how real it looks. Real, as in realistic appearance, not the real problems you get with natural grass. 

No puddles, thanks to exacting professional installation that starts underground to give your artificial turf a solid foundation and assure fast, reliable drainage no matter what. No holes or bare spots, because even the most diligent dog cannot dig through artificial turf. Their “accidents” are easy to pick up or rinse away. That means no mud or debris. Your yard looks great, and your house stays cleaner.

Of course, the kid that delivers your paper will probably continue to nail the lawn instead of your driveway. But at least your paper won’t drown, and neither will your slippers.

Smart plan, switching to artificial turf!

Fortunately, it’s never too late to replace your puddled, muddy natural grass with something better. Artificial turf is always in season. And here at Heavenly Greens our team of faux grass experts stands ready to answer your questions and make recommendations you’ll appreciate for years to come.  

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