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BBQ Season Has Arrived: Safety Tips for Grills and Artificial Grass

BBQ Season Has Arrived: Safety Tips for Grills and Artificial Grass http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/bbq-season-has-arrived-safety-tips-for-grills-and-artificial-grass @heavenlygreensBBQ season is a great time of year. Spending time with family and friends. Grilling in the backyard and enjoying the outdoors. With so many homeowners choosing to convert their natural grass lawns to artificial turf, it's important to be extremely careful when grilling in the backyard. While it can be extremely difficult for artificial grass to catch fire, it can be damaged by excessive heat and hot coals/food. The following safety tips will help you protect your lawn from damage during BBQ season.

Keep Your Grill On An Even Surface

If you don't have a permanent place for your grill on your patio, you will have to make sure it is stable every time you pull it out to grill. Before lighting your grill, always make sure it is level and will not tip or wobble. If you don't have a patio or cement surface to set the grill on, one can easily be made by creating a cement “pad” with pavers. Make the pad larger than the base of the grill so that any food or coals that are dropped will not land directly on the artificial grass.

Build An Outdoor Kitchen or Grilling Area

If you grill frequently, you might consider building an outdoor kitchen or grilling area that is fully functional and surrounded by brick or cement. A permanent grill can be built and other items can be added to make the area fully functional as a small outdoor kitchen or grilling area. A small canopy can be built to cover the area in case the weather decides to not cooperate with your plans. The only precaution is to make sure the canopy does not directly cover the grill. The area should be large enough to accommodate two people working together, if you have the space.

Cover Your Grill When Not In Use

If you have a large grill that sets on its own pad or on the edge of a patio, make sure to cover it with a grill cover. This will prevent coals or dried food from falling onto the cement or the artificial grass. Even if the items are no longer extremely hot, they can discolor artificial grass. Pieces of food that fall to the ground and are not picked up. Not only does covering the grill protect the lawn and patio, it also protects the grill from the elements and will keep it free from lawn debris when it isn't in use.

Clean Your Grill After Each Use

It is important that you clean your grill after each use. Cleaning the grill prevents food from adhering to the grill or the burners and creating a fire hazard. Grill grates are easier to clean while they are still hot. Once the food is allowed to harden on the grate surface, it can be extremely hard to remove. Cleaning the grill each time also protects the burners from being clogged by oil, grease or food particles. Another advantage of cleaning the grill is that if it is tipped over for any reason, there is nothing to spill onto the artificial grass or patio.

While grilling is fun and a great way to spend time with the family, safety must always be a consideration. Although artificial grass is resistant to most kinds of damage, hot coals or extremely hot food can damage the material and, in some cases, even cause discoloration. Just as you protect your face and hands from heat, it is important to protect the area around your grill from possible damage. Always make sure the grill is a safe distance away from the home, garage or any overhanging canopy or covering. Most importantly, when you are finished with the grill, make sure it is completely cool before replacing the cover.New Call-to-action

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