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Benefits Of Choosing Artificial Grass Over Options Like Mulch Or Rocks


Benefits Of Choosing Artificial Grass Over Other Options Like Mulch Or Rocks http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/benefits-artificial-grass-over-mulch-or-rocks @heavenlygreensKnowing what type of material to use when renovating a landscaped area or section of the lawn will be the key in the direction you take when designing the project. When creating a landscaped area, it is important to find a surface material that will not only accentuate the design but also provide a backdrop that is neutral, allowing the components of the area to stand out. If you need a material to simply cover an area, such as a walkway, patio area or a pool surround, choosing a material that is both versatile and aesthetically pleasing is a must. Artificial turf can easily be used and offers both benefits as well as many others.


When used as a ground cover, mulch is a suitable material for around trees and in landscaped areas that will eventually include flowering plants, shrubs and other plants. Because it is an organic material, it will begin to degrade over time. Mulch and wood chips are made from plants and trees. While they are treated with chemicals in such a way as to prevent them from deteriorating or decomposing, as time passes, the material naturally breaks down. The longer the mulch is in place, the more the protectant used to preserve the mulch will wear away. If the material gets wet, the process will speed up and decomposition will take less time. Artificial grass does not degrade over time and it won't be carried away with heavy rains. It is resistant to the digging and clawing of animals that could literally destroy large areas of mulch in a minimal amount of time.


Rocks can provide an extremely durable ground cover. It is more difficult to dig or claw through than mulch or sand and won't be carried away by heavy rains. Landscaping rocks come in many different sizes ranging from grapefruit size boundary stones and pea gravel that is used as a fill in material. When choosing a landscaping stone or surface material, you will need to determine what type of material will look best in relation to the other components in the area. For example, if you are putting the rocks around a swimming pool or other patio area, they should be small enough that they are easy to walk on. Large stones can cause an ankle to twist or hurt the bottom of the feet. Artificial grass creates a smooth walking surfacing and reduces the risk of slipping, tripping or turning an ankle.

Artificial Grass

Ground cover materials must have more benefits than just looking beautiful. They must be easy to care for and offer a neutral look that will not detract from other elements in the area. Artificial grass offers all of those benefits and more. Many people who are turning their lawns into recreational areas use artificial turf to help highlight the elements they include. Artificial grass works well as surface material around swimming pools and hot tubs because it does not degrade when it gets wet. It will not get slippery and allows water to drain easily away. When used to cover the surface of a playground, it gives the area a natural look and will not wear away or in heavy traffic areas. No matter where you use it, it adds a natural touch that requires no maintenance and may actually make the area safer for both adults and children.

With artificial grass, the environmental factor is often the selling point. No hazardous chemicals are ever needed to keep the area looking its best. Using artificial turf will provide you years of satisfaction and creates an area that beautifies your home. Its versatility makes it one of the best materials for the cost and can remain in place for decades.

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