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Benefits Of Playground Turf


Benefits Of Playground Turf http://www.heavenlygreens.com/benefits-of-playground-turf @heavenlygreens

What kid doesn’t love the playground? Running, jumping, climbing, hanging from the bars – they’re all fun activities that offer plenty of healthy fresh air and exercise. But what about the stuff that’s underfoot on your kid’s playground? Whether public play areas or your own backyard, you want your child to be both comfortable and safe. Artificial grass makes the best playground turf, for lots of reasons. 

Safety is all-important

Kids will fall. That’s just a fact of life. Across the US, more than 200,000 kids suffer playground injuries every year – 80% of those injuries are the result of falls to the surface. To ameliorate this, minimum levels of fall protection are mandated for certain public access play spaces. (You can learn more about that here.) 

At home, parental common sense inspires you to do everything you can to protect your children while they’re at play. Installing artificial grass as “flooring” under a backyard play structure is as prudent and practical as installing it in larger public spaces. 

Traditional alternatives such as concrete, packed dirt, pea gravel, or bark chips are uncomfortable underfoot, and they can be dangerous. Hard surfaces skin knees and hands, and loose footing invites turned ankles. Artificial grass is soft and fluffy underfoot, like having your play structure right on the lawn. Installed with our Heavenly Greens FallSoft® Technology®, the grass offers even greater protection, cushioning falls from more than 5 feet. 

Artificial grass is cleaner

Alternative products can make a mess. Dirt is, well, dirty. And it turns into mud. Gravel and bark chips have a way of “traveling” beyond their space. You’re constantly raking and returning errant pieces to where they belong. Or you find them tracked all the way into your house. Wood chips can slough off splinters that stick in skin, clothing, and your pet’s fur. 

Real grass creates its own set of problems. It stains clothing, and it is dangerously slippery when it gets wet. The more kids play on it, the more it wears down, creating muddy spots. Playground turf is never slippery, and it drains away moisture far faster than natural grass. 

Artificial grass is tough and long-lasting

Unlike natural grass, it won’t wear down or develop holes, even under the most energetic play. It will probably still be there looking good and ready for fun, long after your kids have outgrown their play structure. 

Fake grass is maintenance-free (well, almost)

The worst thing about natural grass is that it requires endless mowing and all that other care and maintenance. It’s time-consuming and expensive. And kid play comes to a halt when lawn care is in play. Not to mention when it’s time to water the grass. Pea gravel and bark chips require less care, but they have to be replenished periodically, at additional expense. 

Once it’s installed, artificial turf is happy just as is. A periodic rinse with the hose clears away summer dust, and lightweight debris such as fallen leaves is easily removed with a broom, rake or blower. 

Artificial playground turf is a smart investment

Artificial grass isn’t only an investment in play safety, it’s a savvy financial investment, too. It pays for itself in just a few short years. You can simultaneously protect your child and increase your property’s value.   

Artificial grass looks better – a lot better

Children may not notice this as much as adults, but homeowners and anyone responsible for public play areas wants their space to look as inviting as possible. And let’s face it -- nothing is prettier or more foot-friendly than lush, green grass.   


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