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Tips on Backyard Golf Course Management

If you’re considering building a backyard golf course with natural grass, then don’t forget about the constant level of maintenance involved. You will need to carefully irrigate, mow, and take care of your greens on a daily basis. But, there is a way to make your management and maintenance much simpler and easier: Use artificial grass.

If you have too much shade or don’t have the time or money to spend maintaining real grass, then synthetic turf is way to go. It’s also the best material for putting greens because of its smooth and consistent texture. Since artificial turf requires no maintenance, you can rely on it to be in perfect shape any time you want to use it.

Remember that the design of your backyard golf course is completely flexible and can be tailored to however you want it to be. Contours, angles, and the speed of the putting green turf are determined by your own personal golf game, and what you want to practice.

With a backyard golf course that uses natural grass, you’d have to focus on cutting the grass low enough that your putt will roll true and unhindered. You don’t have to worry about maintaining the right height of the grass when you use artificial turf, so you can spend your energy focusing on the design rather than the logistics.

Cupertino - GolfTo enhance your golf course’s aesthetic appeal and realism, add a fringe around your course of longer synthetic turf. This will improve the look of the course and act as a buffer. Some people also like to include sand traps: This obviously depends on the size and design of your course, but sand traps can make your backyard feel like a real course, not simply a putting green. If you do install sand traps, be sure you do it correctly, with the bottom lined with netting or mesh, and at least 5 to 10 inches of sand on top of it. 

If you’re a serious golfer out to improve your short game, you need your own putting green. Let Heavenly Greens design one with you for your backyard, using durable, clean, maintenance-free artificial grass. If you’d like more information, then visit our website or call (866) 906-9362.

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