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Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Turf Solutions

FAQ about Artificial Turf Solutions http://blog.heavenlygreens.com/frequently-asked-questions-about-artificial-turf-solutions  @heavenlygreensFor homeowners who are looking for ways to improve their lawns, artificial turf solutions are available. In areas where drought conditions are common or homeowners don't have the time necessary to adequately tend a grass lawn. Artificial turf provides the answers. A few of the most commonly asked questions relate to affordability, installation, versatility and synthetic grass' impact on the environment.


Is Artificial Turf Affordable?

Initially, synthetic grass is one of the most expensive turf solutions. While it costs more in the beginning, it has an extremely long lifespan. Most types of artificial turf are guaranteed to last from 10 to 15 years, with a product life expectancy of up to 20 years. If you take the total cost of the turf and its insulation and divide it by the number of years you expect it to remain in place, the cost becomes more reasonable and in fact, over time pays for itself.

Another factor when determining actual cost is calculating the cost of maintenance for a natural grass lawn of the same size. With artificial turf, there is no mowing, watering, weeding or trimming. When the total cost of maintenance is added into the equation, the yearly cost of installing the artificial turf drops even further.


How Easy Is to Install?

If you hire a company to have the artificial turf professionally installed, a crew can have the lawn installed in relatively short period of time. Depending on the size of the yard, the total time for installation can take as little as 2 or three days. It will take considerably longer if you choose to do the work yourself. One of the biggest parts of the job is the preparation that goes into the project is the removal of 3 - 4 inches of soil, leveling the ground laying out the base material. Once that step is complete, the product is rolled out installed.


Can Artificial Turf Be Used for Other Things?

Synthetic grass offers turf solutions for a variety of issues. It is easily cut to any shape and size. It can be used to create walk ways, cover steps, placed under pieces of patio furniture or it can be installed on apartment decks so they have the look and feel of real grass. The versatility of artificial grass makes it a popular choice for pool and patio decks. It does not get overly hot like cement and can be walked on with bare feet depending on the season.

For individuals who want to create a unique patio or deck oasis, artificial grass can be used for a variety of purposes. Because it is easily cut and shaped, it can be used as seat cushions or as a carpet covering. If there is a enough room, game boards can be created using different shades of turf. Artificial turf is relatively easy to clean and be hosed off. It does not create dust or stain clothing so it is easily usable inside the home as well as on patios or play area's.


Is Artificial Turf Safe for the Environment?

Synthetic grass provides turf solutions that are environmentally safe. Installing artificial grass is a safe and efficient way to control the spread of weeds as weeds typically grow on the outer perimeter of the installation. The drainage system installed along with the turf prevents water from standing and creating a breeding ground for insects. The elimination of pesticides and fertilizers produces an area that is free of toxins and harmful chemicals.

Synthetic grass is made from environmentally safe materials. Latex and nylon polymers will not breakdown and deteriorate over time. Filling materials can consist of silica sand or crumb rubber from treated recycled tires. The materials used and the manufacturing process are also environmentally friendly making artificial turf one of the most popular ways to beautify your home and help save natural resources.


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