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Avoid Grass Stains With An Artificial Lawn

Avoid Grass Stains With An Artificial Lawn blog.heavenlygreens.com/blog/bid/203814/Avoid-Grass-Stains-With-An-Artificial-Lawn @heavenlygreensChildren playing on a summer day normally results in a few very tired children and unwelcome frustration for whoever is in charge of the laundry. After a long day outside, inevitably, someone is going to come in the house with grass and dirt stains on their brand new clothes. For homeowners who made the choice to install an artificial lawn, they no longer have to worry about spending hours pre-soaking and cleaning their childrens' clothes. And that's just a small portion of time saved due to an artificial lawn.

No More Grass Stains

The blades of “grass” used to make up an artificial lawn are made from a combination of nylon and polypropylene fibers and then attached to a thick mesh-like webbing made of polyurethane or other flexible material. This unique combination of fibers and mesh make a durable surface material that not only looks like natural grass, but feels like it too. Synthetic grass is allergen free and will not cause an allergic reaction in people who are allergic to pollen and dust.

Synthetic grass offers one distinct advantage that many people don't consider until it's time to do laundry. Because artificial grass does not contain chlorophyll, it does not cause grass stains! Children can roll, dive, jump, somersault and slide in the grass and their clothes will show no wear. No more hours of soaking and pre-treating to get out the nasty grass stains that often ruin many children's clothes.

Grass can stain clothing and shoes with minimal contact, especially if the lawn has been freshly cut. Whoever mows the lawn, need only to look at their shoes when they are done to notice the telltale green color that has faded onto them. With an artificial lawn, there is no grass to cut or trim and no grass clippings to stain your shoes and clothing.

No More Muddy Tracks

With an artificial lawn, there is very little exposure to dirt. As part of the installation process, the natural earth is broken up and then compacted down in an attempt to level the surface area of the yard. Once the turf material is put in place and secured, a filler material is sprinkled over the top and allowed to settle. After all of these materials are in place, very little real dirt is left exposed. With all of the dirt covered up, there is little chance of getting any dirt or mud on your clothing, even after a heavy rain.

Rich, black soil as well as clay have a tendency to stain cloth and other materials that come in contact with them. Depending on the severity of the stain, marks left by dirt and clay can be harder to remove than an actual grass stain. If a homeowner installs artificial turf, they will no longer need to worry about grass, dirt or clay and the stains they can leave on their clothing. Even if clothes are pre-treated and washed thoroughly some shade of the original stain may be left behind. Learn why using crumb rubber is better that dirt and mud!

While natural grass is beautiful, it is extremely high maintenance and can make for an abundance of work. Not to mention the abundance of maintenance that must be performed to keep it looking nice. Many people forget, however, that once the yard work is over and all the tools are put away, the person doing the laundry is now in charge of whatever stains have accumulated on the clothing. With the installation of artificial turf, there is no more worry about grass and dirt stains when it comes time for laundry or to clean the home. The grass and dirt stay where they belong, outside beautifying the lawn.

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