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Four Of The Greatest Backyard Putting Greens

Four Of The Greatest Backyard Putting Greens http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/four-of-the-greatest-backyard-putting-greens @heavenlygreensBackyard putting greens are all the rage. Golf enthusiasts everywhere are beginning to enjoy the benefits of having a putting green so close to home. While their weekend outings still consist of a full round of 18 holes, they can enjoy their practice time in their own backyard during the week. No more driving to the golf course to fight for a practice tee or pay green fees when all they need is a few strokes on the putting green to stay in practice. The following backyard greens are just a few of the ones that golfers are taking notice of.


The Challenge of the Curve

A backyard putting green should be designed to challenge as well as encourage. Installing a green that has a few curves and obstacles is ideal for golfers who have a hard time trying to figure out angles. No matter how often you play, you will be continually challenged by each shot you take. As your stroke improves, you will begin to see more and more options every time you face a curve, angle or other obstacle. Curves and slopes are ideal for providing a constantly changing putting scenario. The more challenging you make your putting green, the better advantage you have when you are on the golf course. 

Size Doesn't Matter

Homeowners who have smaller yards can still install a backyard putting green that is effective and provides ample room for practice. By setting the area off to the side and surrounding it with stone or other landscaping materials, the putting green can become a decorative area as well as a functional one. Even if the yard is extremely small, the green can be made in whatever shape is available to allow maximum practice benefits. If the yard is small and odd shaped, use the shape to your advantage and create a one of a kind putting green that you can use to create hard to make shots. When you can master the difficult putts, the simpler ones become easy. Challenge yourself in every way possible!

Landscape Away!

If you only want to install a simple putting green, you don't have to make it look ordinary. Layout the shape you want and create a unique, landscaped area. Surround it with stone and place decorative plants and foliage near the back. It will become a functional, yet decorative area that everyone will be drawn to whether they enjoy golf or not. You may actually get the them to putt a few times. A simple, less challenging putting green will often entice people who have never played the sport to actually try their hand at it. Let them putt around for while. You may actually gain a golf partner out of the deal.

Pull Out All The Stops

If you have the money and the space, you can create almost any size backyard putting green that you like. Combine recreational areas like your pool and backyard putting green. The pool can be used as a make-shift water hazard as well as add a unique shape to one side of the putting green. Having a putting green of artificial turf prevents grass and other yard waste from being tracked into the pool as children and pets go in and out of the water. While this kind of putting green will end up being quite a bit more expensive than a simpler version, the benefits you reap from the unique design and its versatility will not only improve your golf game, but also increase the overall value of your home.


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