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Golf Like A Pro During Indian Summer On Your Artificial Grass Lawn


closeup of playing golf on artificial grass lawn Ah, Indian summer . . . that delicious extension of seasonal sun and warmth that eases us into fall at a gentle pace. The kids may be back in school, and we’re even seeing a few leaves starting to turn, but there is still plenty of time to get in more golf. And that’s a good thing. Especially if you have an artificial grass lawn.

With faux grass at home, you have even more time to practice your golf skills because you don’t have to get in the car and go somewhere else. Just step outside and tee up. Of course, we recommend you stick with short shots or use a whiffle ball, because you don’t want to endanger your neighbor (or their house) with an errant shot.

Even if we get an early fall sprinkle, your fake grass will be drained and dry in the time it takes you to grab a quick snack to keep your mind and body focused on the ball. No worries about a slippery wet surface or soggy ball roll. The more you practice during Indian summer, the more you can watch your score drop the next time you and your foursome hit the golf course.

Wait. What’s wrong with this picture?

Aren’t you forgetting about your kids, and Man’s Best Friend? While you could use your artificial grass lawn to practice some types of golf shots, good parenting might suggest that you leave the lawn to them. After all, kids and dogs just want to have fun, too, during Indian summer. And dodging your golf swing won’t be very safe.

What you really need to boost your golf-like-a-pro skills is your very own backyard putting green. Now we’re talking. Everybody’s a winner.

With a custom-designed putting green, you can install artificial grass specifically designed to match the feel and play of golf course turf. Not the thick, fluffy grass that looks so pretty in front of your house and serves as game central for all-family fun in the back. The more realistic the turf, the more you can practice golfing like a pro.

In fact, if you’re a serious golfer now, we have a putting green turf just for you. Nowhere near that level yet? We have a turf for you, too.

Want to add a tee box to practice driving? Or an apron around your putting green to sharpen your short game? We have artificial grass products for that, too. Your backyard putting green can be virtually size, shape, or terrain. You can even add a sand trap. Not that you need practice getting out of the sand, but think how much it will add to the realism of your putting green.

Golf like a pro in every season

The thing about having a backyard putting green is that you can not only make the most of Indian summer, you can practice whenever you want, all year long. Just like our artificial grass for lawns, top-quality putting green turf drains and dries fast. Your course is never closed for the winter. You might want to don a sweater when it gets cold, though – perhaps one of those cardigans Arnie Palmer was so famous for.

Improvement all around

Whatever your golfing goals, a backyard putting green will help you improve. Better yet, installing an amenity like this will improve your home’s visual appeal and value as well. You’re investing in your future as well as your golf game. You are an ace!

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