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Heavenly Greens Artificial Turf Warranty


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Artificial turf is a major investment for many homeowners. Many people who buy a home with artificial turf can retain the same benefits as the original owner of the home. Artificial turf can last upwards of 25 years from the time of its installation. The owners of the home need to understand the ins and outs of the warranty of the product that is in place, as well as what they can do to preserve those benefits for as long as possible.



Transferring Your Warranty

Many sellers will install artificial turf to raise their property's value before they put it on the market. With artificial turf often outlasting the ownership of a home, many landscaping companies will honor the original warranty of the product. Transferring the warranty from one homeowner to another allows for the true value of the investment to be realized by both the original homeowner as well as those who purchase the property. Proof of Transfer certificates are provided for the new owners so they can retain the benefits of the artificial turf and its warranty.


Value and Convenience

Heavenly Greens is one of the few artificial turf installers that warranties its product for the long term, without decreasing the value on a yearly basis. Many types of artificial turf will depreciate by a specific percentage each year, beginning with the first year of its installation. In as little as 3-4, the turf's value can depreciate by almost 50%. In 4-5 years, it can be as low as 25%. Heavenly Greens, however, eliminates that problem by offering a 10 or 15 years non-prorated warranty. The turf does not depreciate at all during the entire life of the product. It will retain its full value for as long as it remains installed.

One of the main concerns of dealing with artificial turf is the many different companies involved. The manufacturer, the installation crew, and the landscaping company all play a role, but who does a person turn to if they need to fix a problem or file a claim. Some landscaping companies close over time, leaving a homeowner with no one to turn to when they need service. With Heavenly Greens, our company continues to hold the warranty. Once you have the Proof of Transfer Certificate, we will be the only one you ever have to work with. 


The Claims Process

With our products, the process to file a claim is extremely simple and basically fool proof. The first step is to call a service representative and explain the problem you are having. The service rep will take care of it from there. If they have any questions or need any more information, they will make contact with you to make sure the process continues to move forward.


With an investment as large as artificial turf, it is important that you are able to take full of advantage of all of the benefits for as long as possible. Heavenly Greens allows homeowners that privilege by offering Proof of Transfer certificates as well as a non-prorated 10 or 15 year warranty that states the artificial turf will retain its total value for as long as it is installed. This is our way of helping homeowners get the absolute most out of every dollar they spend.

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