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How Do You Clean and Maintain Artificial Turf in San Jose Near a Pool?

Basking by their own pool is a dream come true for most homeowners, and what completes this picture-perfect scene is lush, maintenance-free artificial turf in San Jose. However, despite the turf's robust and resistant nature, it's normal for it to get a bit dirty with frequent pool use. Some things can make your turf lose its pristine look. 

What Makes Poolside Artificial Grass Dirty? 

Your stylish comfort in San Jose comes with the chic-looking artificial turf surrounding your pool. However, various activities can make it appear less tidy over some time.

Pool Water Splashes

While basking in the pool, the occasional splashes will inevitably reach your artificial grass. Although these splashes might appear harmless, they can lead to some unexpected cleaning needs. 

Pool water doesn't affect the color of your turf, thanks to its UV-stabilized fibers, but these splashes can mix with the dust, soil, and small debris on the surface of your turf. As the water evaporates, these particles cling to the grass fibers. Over time, they can lead to a coated, less vibrant look if not rinsed properly and regularly.

Foot Traffic

Activity around the pool isn't limited to swimming. From lounging to grilling, or just soaking up the San Jose sun, these activities result in considerable foot traffic. This constant walking to and from the pool carries debris, dust, and sometimes even food crumbs onto your turf. 

Heavy traffic areas may also begin to show signs of matting, where the artificial grass blades are pressed down, impacting the overall lush appearance.


Summertime activities around the pool often involve the use of sunblock and suntan lotions, vital for protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. Nevertheless, accidental spills, drips, or splatters from these products onto the artificial turf leave a residue. 

Leaves and Other Debris

Falling leaves, petals, or twigs from surrounding garden plants can land on your artificial turf. They can create a layer of organic matter that not only makes the turf appear unkempt but also impacts the surface uniformity. 

Additionally, decaying organic matter can attract insects or create an undesirable smell, interfering with your leisurely poolside enjoyment.

How to Clean Poolside Artificial Grass

Simply installing artificial turf in San Jose isn't the end of the journey. Here are a few easy and practical way to keep your artificial grass looking fresh:

Regularly Rinse the Turf

Incorporating a regular rinse-down into your pool maintenance routine is a good start. Using your garden hose, give your artificial turf a good rinse at least once a week. This routine wash can help remove the loose soil, dust, and small debris that accumulate from daily usage. 

Do remember to spray a bit more thoroughly on heavy-use areas, like the spot right next to the pool ladder where swimmers often shake off excess water or laze around. However, be sure not to use a high-pressure setting, as it can disturb the infill.

Spot Clean Spills

Despite being diligent, there comes a time when suntan lotion spills or similar spots may appear on your turf. When this happens, it's important to act quickly. 

Apply a mild, turf-safe detergent to the area and use a soft brush, scrubbing gently. Rinse thoroughly with cool water, ensuring you've removed all of the detergents. Avoid abrasive cleaning tools or harsh chemicals that could damage the synthetic fibers.

Remove Debris

Depending on your landscape, fallen leaves, flower petals, and other debris can make their way onto your poolside artificial turf. Set aside some time each week to tackle this. 

Using a plastic rake or a leaf blower will help you get rid of this detritus. Avoid using metal rakes, which can pull out the grass blades or disrupt the infill. Regular removal of such debris keeps your turf neat and clean. It also prevents possible clogs in the drainage system.

Brush the Grass

Ensure to brush the grass fibers every month with a push broom against the grain. This helps keep the blades standing upright, thus providing the desired lush and natural look.

Keep Your Poolside Lawn Pristine

San Jose's sun, pool splashes, and artificial turf make an ideal blend for any home. The excellent news is that your turf can keep up with the good times with a sprinkle of cleanliness and a dash of maintenance.

Are you envisioning a beautiful setting with a pool and artificial turf in San Jose in your backyard? Heavenly Greens can make it happen. We provide top-quality artificial turf installations for your specific needs.

Whether you're starting your backyard transformation or need tips to maintain your existing turf, we’re here for you every step of the way. Contact us online or by phone at 844-382-7684 today for a free consultation!


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