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11 Coolest Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass Around the Pool

11 Reasons Why Artificial Grass Around Pool Areas is a Terrific Investment

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A crystal-clear pool surrounded by green grass is undeniably beautiful, but it's also a problematic combo. This is why more and more homeowners choose to install artificial grass around their pool areas.

To put it bluntly, natural grass and moisture don't mix. For instance, grass clippings and other organic debris can wreak havoc on your pool's filtration system. Plus, the grass itself can hold dirt, bacteria, pollen and other allergens that get stirred up with pool use.

Artificial turf makes perfect sense in this situation, especially when it comes to residential pools. Check out these benefits:

1. Durability

Artificial turf is made up of thick synthetic fibers that do not fade, break or rot like natural grass. It can withstand constant exposure to pool water without fading or losing its color and will not require replacement for many long years.


2.No More Mowing and Cutting

Artificial turf does not require mowing, watering or trimming like natural grass. This forever eliminates the need to push a lawnmower around your pool area all year long.


3. Water Conservation

By eliminating the need to regularly water your lawn, artificial grass works to conserve water. You also save a ton of money on your water bills along the way!


4. Much Fewer Bugs

With turf around your pool, insects cannot survive on your lawn and as a result, this means no more worrying about mosquitoes, worms and other pests joining you in the water.


5. No Weeds

Unlike natural grass, artificial turf is made to withstand weeds and wear, therefore eliminating the need to treat your lawn with chemicals to kill them. No more breaking your back pulling up weeds, either!


6. Weather Resistant

Artificial turf around pool areas looks as good even in harsh weather conditions as it does on a sunny day. So never worry about rain, heat, and strong winds again— your pool area is going to look fantastic no matter what.


7. No Dirt and Mud

With artificial turf, dirt and mud is not an issue. Because of this, you can enjoy pool parties any day of the year without worrying about tracking up your house or getting your pool dirty.


8. Reduced Cleaning Time

Many people say they do not use their pools as much as they would like because of the time it takes to clean them. However, with artificial grass around the pool, you can eliminate the half hour or more that it would take to vacuum out all of the leaves and dirt that fall into your pool each week.


9. Improved Curb Appeal

Artificial turf looks better than natural grass and can be customized to fit your personal style or your home’s architecture. That means a more beautiful home with greater value than ever!


10. Non-Slip

Wet grass is one of the most slippery – and therefore dangerous – surfaces to walk on. One wrong step and you and your guests are looking at bruises, scraped knees and other slip and fall injuries. In contrast, synthetic turf doesn’t get slippery when wet, making it much safer than real grass.


11. Kids and Pets Love It!

One of the most important benefits people find is that dogs and children love playing on artificial turf. For one, it’s soft and safe for tiny feet and paws. Turf is also hypoallergenic and non-toxic, plus it absorbs the impact of trips and falls better than natural grass.


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