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Is It Okay to Put Artificial Grass Around My Pool?

Can You Put Artificial Grass Around a Pool? Is It a Good Idea?

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Your pool may be the jewel in your backyard, but it’s only truly fantastic if you have a lush green lawn around it. Sadly, that natural lawn can also be a magnet for all kinds of pests and debris, including algae. Don't forget the mud - not a pretty picture or a sanitary one.

While there are natural alternatives to lawns, such as rock gardens and walkways that are paved with flagstone or brick pavers, they are more difficult to maintain, especially if you have a busy household with children or pets.

The alternative - artificial grass around your pool - is one of the most beautiful and low-maintenance choices you can make.

Before we go deeper into that, let's look at the pros and cons of some of the most common pool surround materials.

Natural Grass

A lush green lawn around your pool is the quintessential look of summer. While it may be fairly low-maintenance, there are many chores involved in keeping it looking good - including mowing every week or two and watering, fertilizing, pulling out weeds, etc.

Grass can also attract insects like ants (they love chewing on roots), bugs (some will make homes out of blades of grass if you don't catch them early enough), rodents (moles especially) and other pests.

It's also dangerously slippery when wet. There's also the risk of chemicals (e.g. pesticides) seeping into the pool water, plus the potential for mold, mildew, algae and other moisture-related issues.


Another common choice is to pave the area with flagstone or brick pavers. This can be very beautiful and can create a more even surface than grass, but it can be quite costly. The thicker the surface, the higher the cost.


Concrete is an inexpensive option, but it's a better choice for walkways that lead into the pool rather than around it. You can find concrete that you can stamp to look like brick or flagstone, but it will be more difficult to maintain.


A wood deck around the pool looks terrific, but it requires regular maintenance - staining, painting, etc. Wood will also warp or rot when regularly exposed to moisture, which is unavoidable around the pool area.

Advantages of Artificial Grass Around the Pool Area

Many homeowners have found the perfect balance of beauty and maintenance with artificial turf. Here are just a few benefits to consider:

  • Slip-resistant

Turf around the pool won't get slimy if it gets wet, so you are free to have your kids play around the pool area without worrying about them falling or stumbling on uneven ground.

  • Easier to maintain

No matter how busy you are, a synthetic lawn is a breeze to maintain. Simply sweep up any leaves or debris that falls onto it and hose it off once a month for easier cleanup.

  • No chemicals required

Synthetic grass doesn't require fertilizing or watering so you can skip those chores altogether. This also means no runoff from chemicals which is safer for the pool and the environment.

  • Mud-free

Another huge plus, no mud! Artificial grass has a unique surface that repels moisture, dirt and debris while still maintaining a plush look.

  • Versatile

There are so many options for shapes and sizes of synthetic turf around your pool. You can choose from cool colors or add faux stone accents for even more drama.

  • The safety factor

Although it's a hard surface, artificial grass is soft enough for kids and pets to fall on if they trip. It's also a great choice for those who have wheelchair access around their pool area as it provides a nice cushion.

  • Long-lasting

Many homeowners install synthetic lawns because it holds up very well in harsh climates, from sun to the perpetually-wet space around your pool area. It can also last for at least eight years or more.

Get More Info About Artificial Turf Around Your Pool Area

Heavenly Greens can help you find the perfect solution for your pool area and provide a free, no-obligation estimate on installation costs.

We offer more than ten years of experience and pride ourselves on making the process as easy as possible for our customers.

If you would like to learn more about how we can make your pool area look beautiful while being easier to maintain, please contact us today at 1844-287-5876 or request a quote online.

You can also view Our Artificial Grass Gallery for inspiration and examples of our work!

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