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How to Design a Multi-Functional Backyard with Outdoor Artificial Turf

7 Ways to Use Outdoor Artificial Turf to Create an Extra-Useful Backyard

Outdoor Artificial Turf

From its humble beginnings as “plastic grass,” outdoor artificial turf is now one of the most versatile materials not just for outdoor landscaping, but also for interior design. You get all the benefits of natural grass – its green tones, lush and soft texture and natural ambiance – without all the maintenance.

Specifically, artificial grass requires barely any upkeep. No mowing or watering (ever!), zero need for fertilizers and other chemicals and almost no seasonal preparations necessary.

Best of all, artificial grass looks good virtually everywhere, starting with these top seven ideas!

7 Multi-Functional Ways to Use Artificial Grass Outdoors

On top of looking lifelike, synthetic grass can also turn any space into a multi-functional one. For instance, got a side yard which doesn’t receive much sun? Turn it into a relaxing corner with an outdoor artificial grass carpet!

Here more great ideas to try for your outdoor space

  1. Grow a healthy and beautiful garden with artificial grass

    Let’s get one thing straight— YES, you can grow live plants, flowers and even trees on an artificial yard! In some ways, synthetic turf is more beneficial for plants than real grass:

    - No competition for nutrients
    - Watering your plants won’t turn your backyard into a muddy mess
    - No weeds to choke out your garden
    - Focus on gardening, not on keeping your grass alive!

    As for what kind of garden you can grow, the answer is – anything you like! We have a ton of great ideas you can try such as:

    - Container gardens
    - Edible vegetable gardens
    - Small gardens
    - Fruit trees
    - Vertical gardens

    Feel free to explore our blog for even more ideas on gardening with artificial turf!
  2. Build a mini dog park in your backyard

    Having a dog is fun, but cleaning up after they play in the yard? Not so much. From wiping up those muddy paw prints (and paws!) to patching up holes, replacing torn-out grass and dealing with urine burn, it can be exhausting trying to care for a live lawn and a pet at the same time.

    Switching to an outdoor grass carpet solves all of these issues. Dogs can’t dig holes or rip up turf and it’s safer for them as well. You can read all about these awesome benefits in this article.

    Since you won’t have to worry about the grass anymore, you can create a more engaging space for your furry friend. For instance, create a small obstacle course so they can stay active and burn off all that energy. Got a digger? Create a DIY sand pit and hide toys and treats to keep them busy.
  3. Go on vacation anytime with a green balcony

    Need to recharge from your busy life, but can’t go on an actual vacation? Artificial grass can turn your balcony into a private retreat. Here are a few ways to do this:

    - Cover the floor with artificial turf. It feels like lush, soft grass underfoot!
    - Arrange some potted plants and colorful flowers to brighten up the space.
    - Add lighting for ambiance.
    - Set out a comfy chair and a small table where you can read, have a snack and or just enjoy the fresh air.
  4. Turn your roof deck into a sky-high getaway

    Similarly, you can also transform your roof deck into a beautiful green space with stunning views and more privacy than a regular lawn. Install an artificial grass rug and decorate the area however you wish. For instance, add shade and arrange outdoor furniture where friends and family can relax and spend time together. You can also add a fire pit or a grilling area, a small kitchen or a mini bar.

  5. Treat the kids to a customized playground

    Make your backyard the most fun place on earth with playground artificial grass! Synthetic turf is completely safe for kids and in some ways, even safer than the real thing:

    - Non-toxic
    - Hypoallergenic
    - Shock-absorbent features gives kids a soften landing when they fall
    - Antibacterial properties
    - Doesn’t get muddy
    - No pests
    - No need for toxic chemical lawn treatments
    - Durable and hard-wearing

    Once your backyard is covered with artificial turf, you won’t have to worry every time your children go outside. Instead, keep them playing all day long by adding fun features to your new synthetic lawn. For instance, install jungle gym equipment, swings, maybe a hammock they can take a nice nap in.

    You can also set up a crafts corner complete with a small table and chairs plus their craft supplies. We recommend making it a family project, so your kids can put their personal touches on the space!
  6. Level up your short game with a backyard putting green

    This one’s for the golfers out there— want 24/7 access to your own putting green? Artificial grass is the way to go! Imagine stepping out into the yard, putter in hand, for a full day of unlimited golf.

    Unlike ready-made golf mats which have limited features, a putting green can be customized in virtually any way you want. In fact, it’s the go-to material for professional golfers. For instance, add features like:

    - Bunkers
    - Multiple holes
    - Sand traps
    - Small ponds
    - Tee boxes
    - Fringes
    - And more

    As long as you have the requirements for it, Heavenly Greens can make it happen. It’s an excellent way to make your backyard more functional, beautiful and also adds more value to your property.
  7. Transform your driveway from boring to beautiful

    Tired of looking at that slab of concrete, aka your driveway? Make it a beautiful part of your landscape with the help of artificial grass! For instance, you can lay a minimalist strip of turf going up your driveway. You can also “draw” different patterns such as chessboard, herringbone, basketweave and other designs using turf.

    Artificial grass is a low-maintenance and attractive way to liven up your driveway and infuse it with curb appeal. For more inspiration, feel free to browse our Outdoor Living Gallery and explore our recent installations!

Get Started on Your Outdoor Artificial Turf Project!

These are just a few of the many ways you can use artificial grass to breathe new life into your outdoor living space. Without the limitations of real grass (such as waiting for it to grow or making sure it doesn’t grow too much!), you’re free to get creative.

Want a green wall made of aesthetic grass? Interested in a rooftop putting green? All it takes is synthetic turf and Heavenly Greens to make it happen. Whether you want a simple backyard installation or a complex makeover, we got you covered. Call us today at 844-287-5876 to get a FREE quote or consultation or send us a message here!

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