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I Like My Lawn. Why Should I Replace It with Artificial Grass?

beatiful green lawn with landscaping

Artificial grass is not for everyone. So maybe you should not even consider replacing your natural grass with artificial turf. After all, if you like your lawn just the way it is, that’s great. But what is it, exactly, you like about your lawn?

The way it looks

Pretty, isn’t it? Emerald green, lush – so welcoming, and the perfect centerpiece for the rest of your landscaping.

The way if feels

It’s soft and fluffy if you run your hand over it, and it’s deep enough to invite your toes in for a wiggle in the barefoot months.

The way it plays

There’s no doubt a lawn adds aesthetic appeal to front and back yards. But if you have kids or pets (or fun, active friends of any age) your lawn provides a functional outdoor space. You play fetch with your dog. Or the dog just zooms around like an idiot, all by himself (What is he doing, anyway?). Members of your family, the neighbors, and invited friends play all sorts of sports on the grass, from touch football to badminton to lawn bowling. Your kids use it as a tumbling mat, and you and your spouse use it as a yoga mat.  

And where would you be without a grassy front yard to serve up your famous holiday decorations?

The way it parties

Fun and games are great, but your lawn plays host to formal parties and informal get-togethers, too. All year round, perhaps. The neighborhood grill-off. Birthdays, anniversaries, your daughter’s bridal shower (and maybe her wedding as well). Here in northern California, we don’t need an excuse for a backyard party.

The way it saves you time and money

Oh, wait. That’s not a “thing” with natural grass, is it? Maintaining a living lawn costs you time and money – lots of both – month in and month out. Year in and year out. It never ends. Have you ever totaled it up? Most homeowners aren’t that brave. Just the water bill alone is staggering. And, frankly, much as you love your lawn, your neighbors do not love seeing you waste water that way. It’s really not cool any more.

With artificial grass, there’s even more to like

You can kiss all that tedious, expensive lawn maintenance goodbye. Just say “never again” to endless rounds of mowing, edging, weeding, fertilizing, pest control, etc. Just say “no” to patching the holes and skid-marks gouged by your dog, the master of zoom. Or reseeding dead spots caused by insects or bad weather.

Open up your wallet and refill it with all the money currently going down the drain to water your lawn. (You’re going to need a bigger wallet.)

And all those features you especially love about your natural grass? Fake grass – the top-quality stuff, professionally installed – can do all that, too. And no matter how many parties or games it sees, it won’t develop holes, bare spots, or mud to track into the house.

So maybe you should reconsider replacing that natural grass with artificial grass after all. You’ll get an even better looking lawn that feels just like the real thing. And with all the time and money you save, you’ll be able to ramp up your outdoor living. More play time. More get-togethers with friends. More quiet time with your feet up on the chaise lounge, book and a beverage in hand, reveling in the sheer joy of never having to sacrifice your life to lawn maintenance.

That’s about as real as it gets. We think you’ll like that a lot more.



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