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Summer Outdoor Living Checklist: Get Artificial Turf Installed!


summer outdoor picnic table on artificial turfOf the many things that make California famous, fantastic summer outdoor living is at the top of the list. Whether it’s happening in your yard or someone else’s, there is almost no end to the good times and relaxation. Grass is literally the foundation for much of this fun. If your lawn is looking less than lush and inviting, that’s going to put a crimp in your summer style.

So whatever else is on your outdoor living “bucket list” for 2017, taking corrective action on that lawn should be Priority #1. It’s time to install artificial turf. There are lots of great reasons to do that, because there are so many things you can do with fake grass. And all of them set the stage for a prettier, more comfortable, more enjoyable summer. The earlier you get that artificial turf installed, the sooner you can start enjoying it.


There’s nothing fake about the benefits of synthetic grass

Before we look more closely at how artificial turf can perk up your outdoor living possibilities, let’s look at the practical benefits that come with switching to top-quality fake grass. Beautiful as it looks (year round, by the way), you can also save time and money and eliminate the perpetual headaches we all associate with natural grass lawns.

  • Artificial turf is safer for families and pets, and safer for the environment, too. You never have to apply fertilizers or pesticides, so you can stop worrying about playing in harmful residues, tracking them into the house, or washing them into the soil and storm drains.
  • Heavenly Greens artificial turf is non-toxic, so your family can say goodbye to allergic reactions.
  • Superior artificial turf is not slippery when it’s wet, water drains away quickly, and the surface dries fast.
  • It’s not just luxurious looking, it’s fluffy and soft underfoot yet tough enough for high-traffic areas.
  • It’s virtually maintenance free – a quick rinse or a sweep of a leaf blower is all you should need.

Synthetic grass can transform every aspect of your home’s outdoor space

There are numerous styles of artificial turf products, with performance characteristics designed for specialized applications. The turf can be cut to any size or shape, giving it virtually unlimited versatility. And the colors and textures are blended to look and play just the way Mother Nature intended, only better.


What can fake grass do for you this summer?

  • Boost the beauty of your landscaping and the curb appeal of your home, with lawn designed for rigorous play or strictly for show. You can install wide expanses of faux grass, or tuck it in around walkway or driveway pavers.
  • Cool outdoor surfaces – your patio, deck, balcony, even a flat roof – to make those living areas more inviting.
  • Create a dog-proof space for your canine companions.
  • Create a softer, safer play area for the kids.
  • Upgrade your backyard fun quotient with a new bocce court.
  • Shave strokes off your short game, with a custom-designed putting green.

Get that artificial turf installed now

Eliminate all that lawn maintenance that eats up your summer. It never produces the luxurious green landscape of your dreams, no matter how much you spend or how hard you work. Then offload all that lawn care equipment – the mower, the edger, the spreader, the sprinklers, and all those bags and boxes of supplies. That will free up a surprising amount of space in your garage or tool shed – exactly the space you need to store all the new outdoor living supplies on your 2017 checklist.

designing with artificial turf

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